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I see so many customer complaints online, and a lot are directed at the employees. Believe me, I understand not every employee is great. But, quite a few times, it's NOT the salesperson who is screwing up your order, or denying your warranty, etc. Most of us bend over backwards to make things right. BUT! This company provides NO training, gives ZERO support at the store level, upper-management doesn't care about you the consumer, nor do they give a *** about the employees. They want your money, and want their workers to work for *** wages, and smile as they toss us under the bus.

You have to understand the reason most of your deliveries are late, is because we have no idea when your product is due to come in. We call the warehouse and they tell us 4-7 days. We can't track anything because we are working with a computer system from the 90's. We are pushed and pushed to sell their Extended Protection Plans, and get people signed up for a Lowe's credit card. Your appliance breaks, we can do NOTHING at the store level! Call the # for the warranty dept., but for *** sake have your receipt! You'll jump through hoops to get anything done. WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING FOR YOU IN THE STORE! Cussing at me, telling me I am incompetent, etc. is not going to help.

If any of us were trained experts in the various depts., we would be working somewhere else. Most of us (myself included) have sought out training on our own time. To try and be better able to help and solve your issues. At some point YOU have to take the initiative and LEARN HOW TO DO A PROJECT ON YOUR OWN!!!!

Working here is like being in High School, gossip, favoritism, back-biting, and a general sense that if you aren't a management pet you are not welcome. If you're a guy, you are left to do the heavy lifting and the physical work. Of course 3/4 of the employees are on FMLA for some made up vague "illness". And heaven help you if you discuss anything with HR. They will tell all to the management, who in turn tell their pets, and inside of a week; the entire store knows what you discussed. But, at least after you work there a year, Lowe's throws you a $.15 raise! No commissions. No bonuses....they say you can get one but, they recently changed the qualifying store sales amount to the point where, it's not even a viable option anymore.

But, as long as the CEO makes millions in salary and bonuses, screw the employees! Yeah, at least I have a job. And I'm thankful for that. What do any of you care, as long as you get the cheap *** from China, and get to abuse the employees, hopefully that makes you feel better.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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SUGGESTION : Get a new job. Often effective.

Be sure to secure the new job before quitting the old one. Provide a two weeks notice ; just because they're crummy doesn't mean that you have to be.


The Lowe's in my area isn't much better than the ones everyone is complaining about. I know that Lowe's doesn't provide any training or I should say very little.

I know this because of the nice lady who works in the window treatment department. She told me she taught herself everything she knows on the computer and this stuff isn't easy either. I placed two large orders for shades for my house and my patio and it was all screwed up but not because of that employee. She did what she was supposed to do.

It was the company who makes the shades that did the screw up. They made the wrong cuts and the wrong color. The subcontractor who installs the shades screwed up too. The lead guy came to my house and made the measurements and that was fine.

When it came time to install the shades on my porch, he was on vacation and someone else came over. The guy had no clue where the shades went. I tried to tell him but him being a macho know-it-all told me I was wrong. My shades weren't installed for weeks.

Someone else came and installed them without any problem.I can't stand Lowe's and I can't stand Home Depot either. I spent thousands of dollars on projects for my house and every project was screwed up. Every one except the attic insulation. That was fine.My three exterior doors and patio door wasn't installed properly and neither was my Pergo laminate flooring.

Do NOT have Home Depot handle anything like this. EVER.


That is mostly hearsay ; inadmissible.


If u want to be ignored Lowe's is perfect, I use to spend 1000.00 a month in there for my business. Crappie service and rude employs I do very little buying here. It took over 2/.75 hrs to get 1 gallon of paint and they had a attitude that if you want to go somewhere else.


I have recently quit Lowe’s because they are such a nasty place to work women are not safe At Lowes HR covers up the injustice that is being done The managers don’t care is long as they get their bonus checks they’re happy head cashiers are nasty I hate Lowe’s thank God I’m gone I will never shop at Lowe’s ever again


So True.


lowes need more help


All of this is right-on. In 2017 things are still the same working full-time at Lowe's.

No more dept. managers; they gave them the option of applying for a limited number of new zone manager positions, or taking a step down the pay scale into a customer service position for 1 year at which point that position would be eliminated (and thus eliminating the possibility of their collecting unemployment at that time). Commission sales eliminated years ago, absolutely no incentive to sell. Quarterly bonus is rarely seen.

Buttons going off all day long.

No Loaders for customers. Very unsatisfactory workplace.


Lowes pays well if you are a specialist or dept manager. But, they are ruining their own company.

I've worked for Lowes for a year and a half. In that time, I've watched it go downhill fast. First it was not being able to order any inventory and the shelves sit bare. Then you watch as the sales numbers to hit increasingly get put out ahead too far to reach so you get no bonuses.

It doesn't matter that you are way ahead of last year. The decrease in business is fixed by raising prices ridiculously high so you beat last year numbers. Now, we run on a skeleton crew so we use less payroll. it doesn't matter that the customers aren't getting taken care of and may never come back.

The store management only cares about using less and less payroll. so, you watch 3 departments at a time for long periods of time. You know nothing about cabinets but today the cabinets employees were gone by 3pm on a Sunday. I can't watch cabinets you fools!!

Dept managers are used as carryouts or (loaders) as they call them. Who's gonna do your manager duties? You are Lol in between loading toilets, windows, and doors out into people's trucks. Ha ha.

Better sell your stock in Lowe's folks cuz the ship is going down!!! Haha wow hello unemployment line......


Don't work for Lowes not worth the pay and the racism that comes along from customers and co workers and management. Truly racist people work for Lowes they pretend to be your friend and then they start with racist comments and behavior.

Run away don't work for them. I am trying to use all my *** vacation paid time and then put in my two weeks. Management pretends to act as if you have no vacation time left but you actually do. They all say one thing and then lie.

*** this company!!!!

Best thing in America is to go to college and or start your own business. After all this country was founded on immigrants working and having their own business just like pizza place that became popular. *** Lowes *** Lowes forever racist foul mouth lier.

Hope whoever reads my post does not end up working for such *** company .

Lowes were top notch racism is accepted and brainwashing is allowed. *** Lowes and company and all there management.




Well I would disagree strongly with this *rant*/ post.

Its true, a lot of people working in your neighborhood Lowes are not trained

experts. The same could be said for anyone working in almost any field...

If you are a teller at a bank does that mean you understand all thing finances? NO.

And to speak out for the entire Lowe's staff, is not only bold but it's ignorant. I have worked with this company for years and others for longer.

This company is by far the best and does the most to take care of its own.

My store, we are an old established store in a run down part of town, but we still have hit our bonus for the last 5 quarters.

But the associates in my store are not "feel sorry for me" people. And after the 4% match against my 401K, and the countless other financial planning services offered completely free of charge, I have put myself in a very good place for retirement, by working at Lowe's.

Considering I'm only 25 is saying something. I can assure you, I am by no means a managers pet, and that however is one of the few topics i will agree with you about. Favoritism is shown, but that is basic human nature. To find an nurture the best fit (does not always mean best qualified).

I would agree that the general population is rude, aggressive, impatient, and lazy... I cant argue the validity of your statement in regards to that, but we as associates just need to take 45seconds and just explain the situations to customers, they for the most part are pretty receptive when they feel like someone is being truly genuine and honest. Instead of playing the name game, "its corporate, its the DC, its the installer" Im sorry you feel so bitter, and yes you should be thankful you have a job, and what ill tell you, is probably something you already know... Lowe's is one of the highest paying company's to work for.

Especially when you take into account that half the hired staff has no degree to speak of. If you feel you could do better, please try.

And i wish you well. But to be honest after reading your post, you just seem bitter, and customers will pick up on that.