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More than once when making a payment on my charge account ! Plus standing in line at a check out ! Lowes advantage Credit card {{Redacted}} since 02/96

J.C. McCaskey

But this past Saturday I walked out of the Garden Center and left a cart and basket in the line and went to Wal-Mart across the street ! Number 1 I know you don't pay your employees much per hour ! But you hire some of the worst dress and educated people in Enid . 2 do you know that almost all retail stores in Enid pay more than you do ! Wal-Mart pays $10.00 per hour , Hobby Lobby pays $14.00 .

You and a sporting goods store that has the same problems as you do , pay the same $7.15 to $8.00 an hour ! Ask me how I know pay helps get better employees ? I was in retail 33 years ! I have opened over 100 stores in 9 different states and 54 different towns ~! Wages and training will increase your profit anywhere from 10 to 25% . Plus you may want to look at your store managers and District Managers ? Do they know what it takes to run a high volume profitable store ? Or do they worry about getting of work and not being on the floor to see how their people are waiting on the customers ?? When a cashier calls for a Manager or supervisor to his or her location it takes as long as 10 to 15 min for one to show up ! Or at the customer service desk where all sorts of customers are waiting ? Your employees are talking about who goes to lunch first ?? That's impressive ! All this should be handled by a manager not an asst. Manager but the store manager or the District Manager ! You are going to keep losing $$$ as long as this continues ! I have put up with this for over 20 years in your store and its time to let you know !!

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you're going to be losing money by putting your whole CC# on a public forum! :(


Either this is a totally bogus post or you have absolutely no sense of reality. No one with any sense of reality would post their credit card number on a public website.