Shallotte, North Carolina

I was working at my register at Lowe's and a man comes in and says he wants his last day rebate for buying a bunch of *** insulation. Well,the rebate didn't print out as it was ENDED that day and another associate had to practically wipe his *** to get the rebate from the website for him.

THEN he goes back to get more *** insulation so he can get his rebate again and a hundred dollar gift card for buying so much *** insulation. What kind of idiots are you guys that come into our store?

Can't you come in without having issues to fix? You all make me want to vomit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Gift Card.

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you know he's going to return all that stuff anyway when he gets his rebate back. happens all the time.


retailer4life, you are a ***.


He's also the customer that will be back at the service desk next week screaming as to why his rebate hasn't come in the mail yet.


you are a ***

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