Quakertown, Pennsylvania

I purchased Black and Decker *** Trimmer Two Years ago you still sell the same one the two line kind and the cap on the end broke. I went to the store in Quakertown Pa to buy a cap the salesman told me you don't sell them go on line and you can buy one.

So I did and I ordered on September 15th and I still don't have the part I have called many times in the day time evenings and never talk to anyone only a message I have left many messages to call me back no call. I ave gone to other Lowe's Home Depot and Sears they like you only sell the *** trimmer no parts.

Tonight I went to the Store in Quakertown and talked to the sales person and she told me that the paper I showed her that I ordered from is not Lowe's its on your web site it's called 1-800 tool repair so she called and guess what she got a machine and let another message and told me check Friday maybe they will call me I have being waiting since Sept 15th for a call the part is only $ 4.00 shipping was $ 5.32 I know its a little amount but That's not how a customer should be treated, I have being waiting so long I had to buy another *** Trimmer I feel I should get something not just wait for a call back or maybe I should take my sales somewhere else. Thank You Neil McCurdy Phone # 610-346-7946

Monetary Loss: $9.

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It's totally unrealistic to expect a major retail chain to stock every repair part for the items they sell. I work for a competitor of Lowes and unfortunately a lot of consumers think this way. "They think well I bought it here so they must carry everything that could possibly go with it. It does not work this way! ALLOW ME TO EDUCATE YOU!

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T CARRY SO AND SO YOU SELL THE UNIT YOU SHOULD HAVE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO FIX IT." Think about this logic for one moment! My store carries over 1,000,000 different things, in my department alone we have over 100,000 different items we sell, now imagine if we had to stock every single repair part for those units... They would mostly take up space and not sell. Retail stores are trying to make money not lose it. Lowes - Home Depot - Menards the top 3 chains for home improvement none of them are repair shops/centers. You want a replacement part you need to go to a repair shop or contact the manufacture.

This is also should not be direct at Lowes, it should be direct at Black and Decker or the website you purchased from. You should have just contacted the manufacture not some random website online. If you were a smart consumer(which you made obviously clear that you are not) you would still have your owners manual and the 1-800 number to call Black and Decker and get the part you need.


How can you expect any retail store to stock all the parts for everything they sell? There just isn't room in the store to do it and there isn't near the demand for parts as there is for the whole product.

That's why there are shops and web sites that carry parts only.

Sometimes they run out of stock and have to wait for it to come from the manufacturer. If it's a part with little demand they aren't going to have a huge supply on hand either.