24500 Miles Rd, Bedford Heights, OH 44146, USA
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She bought it, had it installed, it worked - then it did not work. She has over $900 + in this thing.

She has been washing dishes by hand since March 2018...it is Mid September now.

Awful service. Incomprehensible.

The aggravation she is enduring is effecting her health.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bosch Dishwasher.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yes. They took advantage of my eighty-year-old mother-in-law too they installed a bathtub and Surround.

$4500 later. they install the bathtub and Surround that we didn't pick out it was real cheap quality and it was crooked and they had to silicone everything since nothing fit the shower door was put on crooked doesn't close and no one seems to care.

They told us they hired General Contractors but it was just a handyman that did it and most the time he left before any part of the job was done. This was done out of Union City Tennessee Lowe's.


Rather poor complaint. When did she buy it?

How long did it work before it quit working? Was it still under warranty when it quit and if it was did she contact the manufacturer for repair under warranty?

If not has she called anyone for service? If she hasn't arranged for warranty repair or called for other service, she should.

to Anonymous #1559753

I'm trying to be nice. But she has done all the proper calls, notifications, writing, waiting in lines, repeated calls to store manager, salesperson, corporate office, installers, etc....nauseating barf!

The unit worked a short time. Yes!!!

Of course, still under warranty. A warranty is ONLY as good as the one giving it!

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