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I thought I was living in the us where English is spoken but for the past few weeks your ad in the news paper is in Spanish. I have always enjoyed shopping at Lowe's but now I'm not sure I care to shop some place that I can't read the ad.

I called my store here and asked why and the man said he had nothing to do with the ad but if I came in to0 the store they could help me with my needs. I look forward to the ads to see what is on sell.

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Warana, Queensland, Australia #75870

Our national language is ENGLISH, clear and simple.

With the exception of tourists, any person planning to live in this great country should be held to some standard. At the very minimum to SPEAK ENGLISH. I fully believe any person failing this should be removed from the country, forcibly if necessary.

I am sick and tired of all the uneducated vermin that is dragging down our society. If you intend to live and work in the greatest country on the planet, have the respect to speak the language. :(

I don't see businesses in mexico going out of their way to print ads in English, why the *** would we?


The bottom line is "WHO CARES" Are you that *** and ignorant Rayace? Theres a picture of whats on sale..

and right next to it is the price. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out regardless of what language you speak.

Its people like you who actually even bother to complain about something like that thats bringing this country down. You are very very sad.


Hey retailer for life, is the Klan recruiting? Has it ever occurred to some of you that the Mexican American population is growing faster than any other race in the United States?

Why do you think that Lowe's prints things in Spanish???? To appeal to that market, make money, and keep YOU in a job SMART ONE!?!?!

You must be older because I find it hard to believe that a young adult would say, "GO back to Mexico!" Wait a minute I got it; you come from a place where tipping cows and inbreeding is the thing to do. At your Lowe's do they sell KLAN hoods?????????



Why should I learn Spanish? I have no need for it. I don't plan on going to spain, mexico or any other spanish speaking country in the future anyway. But I have to say I have been to Spain for work and vacation. Hard to find a person that DOESN'T speak good English there.

Maybe the illegals here should just go back home and stay there? Would be nice.

You want everything in Spanish? Fine go back home.


hey all rednecks, when you say this is AMERICA your saying this is a free country , let people speak whatever language they want and grow up!!!


why would someone at the store know anything about the graphic design about a weekly news add. you dumb *** , leave the people at the store alone. just shut up and learn some spanish, its not going away.


hey *** quick being a redneck and *** about mexica people, their here and their staying here so suck it up you anoying do it your selfer


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Although I might agree too, Lowes is a business. Hispanics have money they work hard for just like you.

We don't discriminate and money is money. With sales, we can hire more people and without them more will be unemployed.


I work for Lowe's and I agree! This is America, SPEAK ENGLISH!

This politically correct garbage is nonsense!

Sadly, though, I see ALL RETAILERS now doing this! Hey, Homes, if you want to speak Spanish, Go back to Mexico!

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