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While employed at Lowes in Durant, Ok, a "friend" came into the store and asked if I could get a break and come talk to her. I asked a manager if I could take a break considering it was time for one and he agreed.

So I walked out to this "friends" car and before I could even react, a different girl got out of her car and began punching me, knocked me down on the ground and began kicking me in my back, stomach, and head over and over again. While this was happening, my managers and other employees just sat there and watched! They didn't call the police and they didn't respond to my cries for help either. After the assault, my clothes were all torn up, I was bleeding everywhere, couldn't walk, and because she was kicking me in my kidneys, I also urinated on myself.

Even after the girls drove off and I was still laying in the parking lot (in my own urine), none of the managers or employees came to help me. I got myself together and managed to make it to the door, one of the managers Greg Townsend demanded that I go back to work! I still have a stress disorder and permanent damage to my back. There aren't words for the lack of compassion they gave me!

I filed a police report when it happened and I am being advised to see an attorney. As an employee of Lowes, I should have been protected and treated like a human being instead of being a side show attraction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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You could make some money on PPV with that beatdown!


The incident should be on tape since there are cameras all around the store, inside and out. But those tapes can mysteriously disappear.

Get a Lawyer. Write everything down concerning the incident such as times, date and names.