Spokane, Washington

I've had no reason to enter any Lowe's store for three years and have ceased holding them in any regard as concerns propriety, ethics of customer service.

However, while perusing the Internet this morning to garner price comparisons for a drill press I plan to purchase, one website suggested other suppliers, Lowe's being one of them. out of curisosity, I decided to see how much cheaper Home Depot's price would be than Lowe's, they being a carbon copy inventorier (not that I will use any of my finances to encourage Lowe's to stay in business). When i accessed the website, I noticed the "Pissed at Lowe's" category and thought, even though I'd written them off three years ago, the "buyer beware" flag should be raised. So, in all fairness to the ignorant buying public, and ehticcal people everywhere, I'm posting the facts.

In the spring of 2007, Noly and Ann Acob, of Yakima, WA, saw an advirtised sale on plastic fencing and went into the store to buy four sections and accessories. Not having a vehicle sufficient to haul their purchase, they arranged to have me go with Noly on the following day with my pickup to assist him in retrieving the material, which was already paid for.

Logically, the pre-paid items shold have been on a pallet awaiting pick-up. They weren't! Instead, we waited two hours and thirty-seven minutes for the employees to pull four eight foot sections of the plastic fencing, a gate, seven matching plastic sleeves for posts and seven pressure treated 4"x4"x8's. They were also supposed to pull sixteen 2"x3"x8's for the stringers - but they didn't have them! The computer said they had two hundred but in actuality they didn't! The lame excuse for their substandard performance was "they were doing inventory."

The store hours were 7AM-10PM. Inventory should be done during those nine hours the store is closed to the public, but Lowe's would probably have to pay the employees a more decent wage to work overtime. In view of this, the customer's needs should have come first. Some people can still remember when this was the first line of doing business in America but, alas, that would entail customer service.

The following day, I sent an email to the corporate offices of Lowe's because I believed they should realize the deplorable practice was going on in Yakima. I also believed they would care. I recieved an email reply that they were "looking into the matter". Three days later, Alfredo Vargas, Jr., an assistant manager at the local Lowe's store, who obviously drew the short straw, called to tell me they were sorry! I asked Alfredo, "Is that it?" and he reiterated, "I'm sorry."

On the same day I emailed Lowe's corporate office to apprise them of the situation, Ann Acob called and also complained about the deplorabe occurrence and was given a 20% refund in addition to the sale price for their incnvenience. It was I who was inconvenienced because it wasn't even my merchandise. Lowe's gross incompetnce wasted over two and a half hours of my time for a matter that should not have taken more than twenty-five minutes during the busiest time and it was my vehicle that received the wear and tear! The people who were inconvenienced the least got a reward and all I got was an embarrassed "I'm sorry" from some poor assistant manager. The store manager didn't even have the balls to do it himself! By the time I received the long overdue apology, I told Mr. Vargas that I was sorry also because it meant the complete cessation of my shopping at Lowe's

At the time, I was a government employee with a U.S. Govenment VISA card for official purchases, which I typically used at Lowe's for anything the facility needed and since I would no longer be doing personal business with them, my credibility (and government ethics) mandated taking that business to Home Depot.

Prior to retiring three months ago, while preparing to close out my financial records, I audited those purchases at Home Depot that would have been made at Lowe's and during the low year since spring of 2007, I spent a combined average (my own personal and the government's) of six thousand dollars.

If everyone did that, Lowe's would be forced to actually practice customer service - or go bankrupt, as they deserve.

I have also proven that I save money shopping at credible businesses who carry American merchandise.

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Same major hedge fund companies own both Lowes and Home Depot.


alright *** I work at Lowe's and must admit the store does suck but so do the customers. Most customers are trash and I could care less how the feel.

All anyone in retail cares about is the paycheck so shut the *** up and quit crying. *** off