Adrian, Michigan

I purchased Olympic Deck Stain and it peeled up in 6 months. I contacted the company that produced the stain and luckly I had my receipt.

I had to send a copy to them to prove when I purchased the stain. I was refunded the money, but not until I signed a paper that I would not file suit agansit Olympic or Lowe's. The stain cost less than the product to strip off the stain.

I had gunk all over my yard and flowers by the time I got it removed.

Do not by Olympic products! I won't

Monetary Loss: $129.

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Nope, I scrubbed with gallons of deck cleaner. Let it dry, and applied two coatings just like instructions said to do.

Right after doing it, I visited two public tourist locations (cave sites) and found they had used the same paint, and it was peeling. I asked the owners what they used: OLYMPIC DECK SAVER, junk.

The company came out, about a year later, and said it didnt work as listed, and though they were still selling it, they took off the guarantee.


I too used gallons of the deck filling paint. It started peeling within the year , and here 3 years later, it might as well be said I didnt do anything to the deck.

There are a few boards, with some paint still on them. It even peeled off brand new boards which had been replacements. I didnt have the receipts, of course, so nothing can be done. It was not just LOWES.

Other house paint by Olympic are great and use them all over and outside the house.

But this was junk, guaranteed for like 10 years. ha.


I have always used Olympic products and have been very happy with them. Perhaps is was improperly applied or applied when the weather was not condicive for doing so. Lets not generalize and say "never but Olympic products" as my guess is this was user error.


I used the Olympic deck wash and followed the instructions to the letter. (I have 10 years painting experience).

It peeled and chipped like paint after 6 months. Rediculous.


When it comes to deck stains there are so many variables that may cause problems. So while you think everything was done correctly there may have been some variables you are not aware of that caused a problem.

If the product is oil based, penetrates and does not build a film it will not peel.

Even if it is a "bad batch" of stain if it is oil it will penetrate, that is just the nature of oil.

When a stain is a bad batch it usually has something to do with drying, or fade resistance, or color, etc. There is nothing you can do to an oil base product to prevent oil from penetrating.

A good place to visit is to find out exactly what the problem is so it does not happen again.


To all the no it all's. I have been a painter for more than 25 years and have used this product many times and most of the time it worked well and on a deck that I did last year it failed miserably.

Within 6 months everything peeled.

The entire industry has been reformulating there products and after consulting with a competitors national expert on coatings I was informed that nobody has it right but there working on it. You also have to take into consideration the type od wood and the possibility that there in human error and they made a bad batch of stain


We had the exact same issue!! We applied it correctly -- took all necessary steps /precautions.

Peeled after one season. We called Olympic .

They told us because we applied 2 coats, the second coat "negated" the first coat and that is why it peeled. BS


I had the same problem. The stain is peeling off after the first winter.

I don't know how to get it all off and start over. It looks awful and paint chips everywhere. I have grand children and they are picking them up.

I hope they never eat a paint chip!!! New use Olympic Rescue it stain.


I bought the new deck over stain and it's peeled after one winter. I cleaned the deck before applying and followed all instructions and it's peeling. How do I get a refund if I don't have a reciept?


the Olympus Maximum I was sold last summer did not last a year . the weather was warm and no rain and yet this spring it was pealing off in chunks I did not need a scrapper just a putty knife to remove the loose paint .

I would never recommend this brand to anyone I would not even it a F it is a very poor paint . :(


After using olympics 5 yr stain every 3 years for 14 years i bought the seven year new stuff. What a mistake!!

Not even six months and my whole deck peeled. Its garbage!

Do not buy the 7 yr olympic stain! Im out over 475 dollars plus five days labor to do it all again now!!!


I have had this stain on my fence for over 4years with no problems. The weather in my region ranges from hot dry summers to cold dry winters with very low humidity in both seasons.

As far as I can tell product is very good.

I have had NO issues or problems. :grin


My Olympic stain also peeled after only 6 months on the deck. I have not had any luck getting in touch with an Olympic customer service person so I can send them photos. I do not think I have my receipt but the project was pricey and time consuming. What a waste of Time and money. I am very unsatisfied with this product.

This deck is about 20 years old or so and I used the Olympic deck wash and stain combination because they promised superior performance on decks as old as mine is. And yes, I followed the instructions to the letter. Previous to cleaning the deck with the Olympic cleaner, I sanded the entire surface to insure that all loose stain and sap, etc were removed. I then washed the deck with the Olympic deck cleaner that was formulated for use with the stain. Use of this cleaner promised superior adhesion and staying power.

I had also added railings to my deck of new wood and I waited the prescribed amount of time before applying the stain to the old and new wood. The older parts of the deck are peeling like crazy, and the new wood looks like the stain is doing great. This would indicate that the stain just does not *** into older decks the way they promise it does. My deck even looked just like the wood in their promo photos!

I will have to find out what to use to strip it now! And I will have to spend money to get product to re-coat it.

I understand that many product failures are due to the way a product is usedk, and I would understand that-if somebody could tell me what I did wrong here, I would humbly beg pardon and retreat to self imposed exile on my badly chipping deck.


I, too, cleaned my 20+ year old deck and applied Olympic Maximum. It peeled in less than 6 months.

The deck had never had a sealer on it before.

Now I have to do it all over. I will not by Olympic again.


If you use pressure treated wood for your deck you must let it dry before staining it. If you don't allow it to dry, any deck stain will peel away. Allow the pressure treated wood to dry for at least 3 months during summer before staining/painting it.


IDK, I used Olympic solid deck stain and it held up very well after three summers. I just now restained it, even though there was no flaking at all, just some areas (traffic) where it had worn off a little.

I chose the solid because I don't like the grain of PT lumber.




i purchased this stain from Lowes to do my deck that seasoned for 2 yrs i power washed it with degresser and rised it waited a full 48 hrs for it to dry and after all day making it look beautiful it peeled off after the winter months this stuff is junk and Lowes makes nothing but excuses why it peels off what a waiste of money i will go to Walmart and buy the cheap stuff and end up with better results i guarentee it


I agree with you 100%. My wife and I did our homework on researching this stain and after thoroughly cleaning the deck and giving it sufficient time to dry we completed our staining project in several days.

Within four months I notice it pealing and it continued to get worse.

We complained to both Lowes and Olympic company and we're ignored by both. We lost both time and money on this project and I would never recommend this sorry excuse for stain to anyone.


We purchased Olympic because we wanted a "Better" Stain. It took 8 gallons and alot of time to finish our deck and gazeebo, Only for the stain to peel and chip not even 7 months later!

Very disappointed, If I wanted junk stain I would of bought a cheaper one. I would NOT recomend Olympic to anyone :(