Adrian, Michigan

I purchased Olympic Deck Stain and it peeled up in 6 months. I contacted the company that produced the stain and luckly I had my receipt.

I had to send a copy to them to prove when I purchased the stain. I was refunded the money, but not until I signed a paper that I would not file suit agansit Olympic or Lowe's. The stain cost less than the product to strip off the stain.

I had gunk all over my yard and flowers by the time I got it removed.

Do not by Olympic products! I won't

Monetary Loss: $129.

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95% of all paint and stain problems are the result of improper preparation. Be sure to do your homework and properly prepare your surface before applying a product.

DO NOT shortcut your prep work. Failure everytime.


I have been painting and staining for 20+ years, I applied the product in the best weather conditions and within days it was peeling. The problem is the "stain" is not penetrating the wood as stain should. This is causing the stain to flake and peel - the product is simply not working


Home owners almost always blame the product or the store....never themselves! These days no one wants to be responsible for their own actions. They even have the nerve to bring an appliance back that they've had fall out of their truck on the freeway cause they didn't tie it down and want a new one.


javascript:ac_smilie(':cry') we are getting our home and decks ready for an october wedding. we started staining our decks and it is really streaky, over lap marks show and some of the stain is very shiny, while other areas are not glossy at all.

then we needed one more can of stain, :( that's when it got worse. the colors are so far off, and when you need one more can and the other stain has been applied, you can't exactly mix the stain to make the color match so now we have 2 tone decks. one color by the same name is like black(expresson) the other expresso is like a nice brown. help!!!

it is olympic stain. no complaints as far as the product I just need help to make this look good before the wedding!


I painted the ballisters with some old B. Moore house paint I have in the garage at the same time that I used the Olympic Maximum on the deck and railings.

There had bee no previous solid stain on the deck and the desk had not been painted with a clear stain in several years. The entire deck and railings were cleaned with an Olympic deck cleaning product and then washed.

The Ben Moore paint did not peep at all. 20-30% of the Olympic has peeled in about a year.

It has got to be the product.


I painted my 25'*35' deck and the railings with Olympic Maximum cape cod gray solid deck stain last July 2010. When the snow cleared in April, I could see that it was peeling.

I spoke with Lowes who does not stand behind the product and they referred me to Olympic.

Olympic wanted to reimburse me for the stain, but my problem is my deck is worse off now than before I stained it. They also wanted me to help them find out why the stain peeled by mailing sample from different parts of the deck.


I have had some problems with olympic. I followed the directions to the letter.

I used the olympic deck cleaner following the directions to the letter. Both my front deck and back deck are same age and wood type. I used a lighter stain on my front deck and it worked perfectly. I used a darker stain on the back deck and it started coming up within 3-4 months.

I used all the advice from the sales folks and instructions and still had problems. Go figure.


Olympic is by far the best deck and fence stain you can buy. I have used it on hundreds of decks I built for my clients and you have to clean your wood first or you will experience failures.

Don't blame the product for your mistakes.

I've never had a problem with it and have been using it for 8 years on my clients' decks. I would not use it if it was going to cause me to have problems



I worked in the paint department at the time you said that your stain was recalled. There was probably nothing wrong with it.occasionally products are pulled or not sold because they are being investigated and 95% of the time there is nothing wrong with the product. Also, just based on what you listed I believe you have a different kind of stain product than the OP.


I built a bran new cedar deck applied this stain following their website instructions to the letter. The deck was beautiful for 12 months.

At 15 months it started peeling away and at 18 months looked like ***. Olympic accused me of over applying the stain so i insisted that they send someone out. The rep came out to take some samples then never called me back. They sent me a voucher to get more stain but told me I'd have to sand the entire deck before reapplying.

The stain does not live up to it's label and Lowe's kept referring me to Olympic. Very frustrating experience!


I have had the same trouble with this stain. I will not shop there for home or work projects anymore.I can assure you I am far from a freeloader.


The ONLY way olympic stain would peel up is if it was applied over a previously sealed surface. Meaning that the stain has to be able to soak into the wood, so it could never peel if applied to a properly prepared surface.



You are totally wrong, I applied this stuff to a new deck after 3 months of drying out. Then cleaned the deck, let it dry for several days, applied the 10 yr warranty stain, and in less than 6 months it has started peeling.


I started a project using Olympic stain and went back to purchase more a few weeks later on 11/26/10. When I got to the register, I was told that I couldn't purchase the stain because there is a recall on it, but no details were available (my sidebar question is why wasn't the product pulled from the shelf if there's a recall, but at least they intervened the purchase).

I was trying to purchase a one gallon can of Olympic Maximum redwood naturaltone. At this point I have not been able to find any specifics about the recall and of course will call the company (for all the smartasses out there), but one would think there would be something on the Olympic site providing details. I'd like to know whats wrong with this stuff so I know how to handle the wood that I already stained. Maybe it's POSSIBLE that they recalled the product due to complaints they were getting???, so maybe the person that started this review isn't an *** like everyone here seems to think.

Otherwise their internal quality control would have caught the stain before it was shipped. Ok everyone, go ahead and tell me what an *** I am and that a recall wouldn't be handled this


Follow all directions on everything you do and stop relying on HGTV to do it for you. Olympic is the best stain on the market and if it is messed up, its 100% customer fault.


Sorry Devon that Lowes neglect to kiss your tail. they tell you when you go out an measure that they will charge you 35 and you get it back once you place an order.

Lowes alway looks to make it right for the customer. if you complain they will fix it. regardless what is said I see it everyday.

but some people alway want a handout. I guess they want a prfessional to come to there house for free go figure.


your the local lowes jacka** that never read the label, never wrong and lie to recoup what he lost in his trip to stupidville. the stain that you are complaining about is on hundred of thousands of decks. actually it on my deck right this moment and guess what three later it still look s great so sit on that and rid it to *** ville next time you decide to take a trip.

Fat Mart cart rider

To "devon".... U are a retard.

What the paint associate said is true. Thousands of people use the stain everyday and gave no problems. But people like you and the complainant are just incompetent to read instructions and do it right. And to the maker of this post.

Lowes did not have you sign any paperwork saying you would not sue them. They do no such thing. Furthermore, you Get what you pay for. Olympic is cheap therefor you get cheap.

Cabot which is a respected brand name Is only like $4 more per gallon and is 100x better Than Olympic. So before u big girls come here and throw out a bunch of slander and lies go work in retail for about 30 minutes And deal with people like your selves, it will chew you up and spit your baby *** out!


i work at lowes and hate selling olympic products...most of the people that have problems dont want to do the work to prep a deck anyway.and only read the instructions till they have a problem


Let's see, she bought the product , used it , her deck is now stained , she bitched and moaned and got her money back . What's mrong with this picture. Don't think it's Lowes !