Adrian, Michigan

I purchased Olympic Deck Stain and it peeled up in 6 months. I contacted the company that produced the stain and luckly I had my receipt.

I had to send a copy to them to prove when I purchased the stain. I was refunded the money, but not until I signed a paper that I would not file suit agansit Olympic or Lowe's. The stain cost less than the product to strip off the stain.

I had gunk all over my yard and flowers by the time I got it removed.

Do not by Olympic products! I won't

Monetary Loss: $129.

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i work at lowes and hate selling olympic products...most of the people that have problems dont want to do the work to prep a deck anyway.and only read the instructions till they have a problem


Let's see, she bought the product , used it , her deck is now stained , she bitched and moaned and got her money back . What's mrong with this picture. Don't think it's Lowes !


I have used Olymic Stains on the fence and deck for five years. Getting ready to do it again this year. I have had no problems with the product.


The acid tongue response written by "Lowes Paint Assoc." (above) is precisely why I haven't shopped at Lowes in more than two years. Also, I had a situation with their "professional" storm door installation people who charged me $35 to measure out my door then decided it would be too much of a hassle to hang the door.

But they kept my $35.

I was going to file a complaint but decided never to shop there instead. I hear so many Lowes complaints these days.


It's not that the people working at Lowe's don't know anything about paint or stain, it most of the customers are either *** or don't bother asking anything (because they already know everything). Maybe this woman should have asked if there was anything she should do before applying the stain.

Most people stain their deck, then *** and complain just to get their money back. It's strange that 1000's of other people use the stain (correctly) and never have her problem.

Furthermore, if you don't like Lowe's or the people working there, then contact the "professionals" (who buy their stain at Lowe's) and ask them how to prep/apply the stain. Better yet, hire them to do it for you!


As a deck cleaning and sealing specialist,it is likely the consumer did not clean the surface properly and therefore the stain could not adhere properly. I have seen this time and time again and to fix a problem always cost more than to do it correctly to begin with...I don't necessarily love Lowe's, but they had nothing to do with the is the case in America, it's always someone else's fault, never mine


if you don't know how to DIY, don't. Since you stated you got the stripped paint all over, we can tell you don't prepare properly. Don't screw things up and blaim it on perfectly good products and the place you bought it.


You blame lowes and you have every right,the reason for your missfortune is because the person that sold the stain to you knows nothing about paint.I have been a painter for 33 yrs and the way lowes works is that employees kiss *** to get the position,doesnt matter if they product knowlage or not.Example i applied for lead in paint didnt even get a interveiw the job went to a brown noser that didnt know anything more than how mix paint.She worked windows and walls ha just a blind cutter.Its sad they say its all about customer service and the emplyees but its only about stocks


Yeah, Olympic is terrible, you used it wrong, got bad results, and they returned your money! WOW! thats terrible...


Since 'stains' are designed to 'adhere' by penetration, and your product "peeled" it would appear the surface was not properly prepared for staining. Even new wood that has never been traeted can have 'mill glaze' or excessive resins that prevent penetration.


Don't buy Olympic products.. you said it yourself. So shouldn't this be a complaint against Olympic and not Lowe's?


Sisnce you don't describe anything as to why this occured I have to assume it was human error.

As far as I know Consumer Reports rate Olympic stain at the very best.