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On september 29th a repairman from (ABM APPLIANCE REPAIR) came to my home to look at my samsung washer that was leaking. i was told that my warranty will cover the man coming out.

i had to call lowes once before with a problem with the samsung dryer. that was an ugly experience also with the same repair man. Upon fixing my washer he demanded i pay him $60.00 for him coming out. In the meentime i had called the ABM APPLIANCE REPAIR store to ask why i had to pay the man $60.00?

during the conversation with ABM his boss waved the $60.00 fee. this upset the repairman so he decided to take it out on me! while he was working on the washer he had called me to come where he was working and when i went back to see what he needed, he totally ignored me and i tried to tell him where it started leaking and he pushed my hand away and told me not to tell him how to do his job. it just escalated from there.

at the end of the whole mess, he ended up throwing a bunch of wet towels at me, as he was saying,"do not ever call in for repair service again because i will never come to this home again,.at that he shoved the clipboard in my stomach and told me to sign the paper. as he was leaving he threw a piece of rubber mat that i keep ontop my washer so no one scratches it, on the floor, he slammed my interior door so hard that he knocked my alarm system mechenisaim off the door, and he slammed the exterior door, (security screen door), that we had to kick it to get it to open. I am not mad at samsung or lowes really, just want to get it out there what kind of people lowes has to send out to peoples homes to repair things. this company is contracted through lowes.

he is a very rude and sloopy repair man. I am 64 years old and i don't need this from anyone.

maybe if i weren't so old, he would have needed to be repaired! janie from las vegas nv

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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