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5/24/18-Lowes Merrillville, IN.

Well...where do I start? Placed an order on 5/18 for a treated fencing project I was going to do. The whole process took about an hour to complete which is pretty sad because I supplied the material list to them. As we paid for the order and delivery charge, then suddenly there were printer issues and I only got my receipt of payment...UGH!! We scheduled it for arrival on 5/24 between 9:30am - 11:00am and just had to get out of there.(headaches)

No one called the night before to confirm the delivery time-I had to call Lowes and then the carrier who was delivering the order at 9:30pm to get answers. The day of delivery comes and by 11:30 pm, no delivery, no call..nothing. So I once again called the carrier-They told me Lowes dispatch manager had cancelled the order pickup but didn't reschedule it.

So once again, no one called me from Lowes-I had to do the leg work and customer service.

Now I had to place a call back to Lowes and talk with the dispatch manager. (Of course..I am pissed by now at the lack of customer service)

The dispatch manager said that his workers didn't pull my order the night before between 8pm and close. When he arrived for work at 5am and saw this, he cancelled the order delivery. He said they were supposed to do it but he could only do so much.

So as a challenge to him, I asked: you arrived to work at 5am and knew my delivery wasn't coming when you started work, why didn't you or anyone from Lowes give me a call to let me know? Answer: I was on his list to call next...LOL

Challenge 2: So, I placed my order last Friday. Why did you wait until 8pm the night before to even start pulling my order when your own shift was ending at 8pm. ANSWER: I assigned the work to be done but they didn't do it. (BLAME GAME)

Final Challenge: So, how many deliveries did you have scheduled for today and how many were cancelled? ANSWER: 5 deliveries scheduled but mine and one more was cancelled for the same issue.

LOL....So I said to him: You mean to tell me, that you only had 5 deliveries all day, cancelled 2 of them and from 5am - 11:30am you didn't have time to call me and let me know it wasn't coming? Sorry, but that isn't a valid reason and to make it worse, I am still the one calling Lowes to schedule, follow up and do my own customer service.

In summary, the are going to deliver my order tomorrow (they say) but I don't have a time window and the "dispatch manager" couldn't give me one. I have to wait yet again for a call from the carrier they do business with.

YES...the same ones that never called me in the first place.

I have worked in the Lumber Industry (not a box store) for several years and know how the job works. Five deliveries in one day is nothing to manage....Try scheduling 14-18 deliveries a day in prime construction season and see how that goes.

I did get the delivery charge back...whoohoo. Can't get back my lost work wages for the two days now lost waiting.


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $580.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Bad customer service.

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Stop complaining. Typical of society today, people wanted to save a buck or two by going to these Big Box stores instead of supporting thier local lumber yard.

Now that the local lumber yards are out of business, the big box stores could care less and you are stuck with *** lumber and poor service. I hope it was worth it.


I'm surprised you gave them 2 stars. Lowe's customer service sucks.


You have to remember the level of employees Lowe's gets. They are just in it to collect a pay check and not one of them hurries to do anything except go on break or leave for the day.

It's the same in every box store these days. I also worked in a lumber yard back in the 80's and you are very correct. 5 deliveries in one day was a piece of cake.

Back then. Now, with how slowly the typical "employee" moves, 5 is obviously pushing their capabilities.