Chicago, Illinois
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My wife works at a lowes and her manager swears at her. She is afraid to lose her job if she complains because the others that have also have been fired.

She busts her butt. She comes in early works on her days off help other departments and she has to deal with this *** talking like that to her. Stay Woody If I see you on the street I will beat the *** out of you. I promise.

I have personally boycotted shopping there as a result of this practice of firing the good employees and hiring bad management. Demoralize me I dare you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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forget talking to HR and managent there. Call corporate office immediately and speak to the Regional HR. Then you will see something done


Lowes HR Department, you are a ***. My mother taught me that if I have nothing relevant to say then to not say anything.

Apparently your mother was at the bar taking it in all 3 of her holes instead of teaching you a lifes lesson. So sorry you missed it but if you would like to get in line I can teach you a few lessons like how to stop excessive bleeding from your mouth.


Lowes HR. Take a good look in the mirror when you talk about inbreeding.

Lowes has collective destroyed more lives than the Nazi's did in WW2. You clearly are the Lowes SS department.

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