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I had Steve Darling as my examiner. The WORST experience ever.

On top of being rude, short, not answer any of my questions directly, he had the nerve to ignore some of my emails. He absolutely NEVER answered any of my phone calls and makes me never EVER want to shop at Lowes again. Just for the mere fact that if a Lowes employee were to damage my car in the future, I want to lessen my chances of ever communicating with STEVE DARLING. I even asked to change my examiner, and he still ignored my request.

My case is still not resolved by the way, it's been several weeks. One time I even had to ask him politely not to reply back in a short sentence, he replied back in two sentences instead. Another time I asked for a yes or no answer from a very straight forward question and asked him to reply "yes or no" and he still couldn't even do that. I am SHOCKED with the quality of care from a management department.

At the very least he can take out the Lowe's slogan in his signature block that states "Never Stop IMPROVING" because he clearly has no motive to improve.

Sorry Lowes, Home Depot from now on. All thanks to Steve.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Steve is supposed to be helping me...... Not too encouraged at this point.


What on earth is this rant about????