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I was in Lowe’s today to order a custom blind after 15 minutes I went to the service desk to ask for help. The girl paged someone no one showed up.

I went back to the service desk a second time and she repaged someone. After another 20 minutes I went back to customer service desk a third time. The sales associate was very bothered by me returning a third time. She basically went into a rant about how someone called off and I would have to wait for the paint area associate to be available.

I walked to the paint area and there were 5 people in line.

My question is why couldn’t she help me. There were two associates at that desk with no customers.

So basically after being there 1 hour I left without ordering my blind.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Pros: Staff assistance.

Lowes Cons: Dont care about good customer service all about the money.

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You are probably be better off having not ordered the blind. It is unfortunate that the person who should have been in the blind department called in sick.

It sounds like they were trying to have someone from paint help but as you said, they had 5 customers waiting there as well. At some point they may have had someone available to help you but as they don't normally sell blinds would they have fumbled through the order and would it have been correct?

Would you expect the person stocking produce in the grocery store to be able to run back to the meat counter and cut you a steak? They should have explained that the person who should have been in blinds called in sick and given you the option of coming back another day or waiting for someone that "might" be able to help you.


If someone in a department called in and there was nobody to perform their tasks then I fully expect the stores manager to get on the floor and help the customer. The store managers have experience in all departments


In an ideal world managers would be experienced in all departments but rarely are.


I agree, with the complainant it is called cross training. You have other staff from that departments cross trained or does each department only have one employee to provide customer service. These are lame excuses for providing exceptionally poor customer service, consumers take you business elsewhere you can get enough bull and excuses with this new election make your statement with your money, And walk away.


Cross training would b e great but in this day and age of continually reducing payroll you are lucky to see employees properly trained in the departments they work in let alone another department.