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Lowes in Capital, Illinois - Tile installation estimate

Lowes - Tile installation estimate
Bought tile from Lowes. Got an estimate for installation and removal of old tile/carpet. They wanted almost $11,000 for a 915 square foot install!!! That did NOT include the cost of the tile for which we had already shelled out $3800. Once I received the estimate which only showed a total amount, I requested a detail of the charges and found I was being charged roughly double the amount they had stated for installation. In addition to finding hidden costs, it appeared they were padding the costs of installation and removal, if not out and out double charging for it! Needless to say, I decided not to use Lowes for my tile job.
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I purchased solid surface counters from Lowes and it's been a nightmare. The countertops were a disaster. Its of all they the installer left oily smudges all over the counters that took me days to scrub off. Then I noticed all of the other defects. They were poorly fabricated and sized. I was promised no seams and no overhang by the fridge (which is a given, otherwise you cannot fit your appliances). The color should be consistent as well. I had problems with all of this. The Lowes escalation rep has been completely uncooperative and a bully. They only want to protect the fabricator and don't seem interested in keeping a customer. This has been going on for close to 3 months now. Lowes attitude is basically you have them, they were cut, you're stuck with them. I paid for new counters and I now have franken-counters. You will be sorry if you choose Lowes.
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We purchased silestone (cosentino) (roseville, ca) counter tops for our kitchen remodel from lowes (cotati ca.) on 3/4/2016. After discussing different installation options, we chose to use lowes installer which was counter fit (sacramento ca.).

All 3 of these companies knowingly sold / installed an inferior countertop which came with a useless 20-year warranty. The silestone countertops were installed by counter fit on 3/28/2016. Fast forward to thanksgiving 2017 - yes, a mere 20 months after the installation. While cleaning the kitchen my wife noticed an approximately 6-inch crack running from the corner seam (were countertops make a 90-degree bend along wall) towards the sink.

This spot of the counter top is in what we refer to as "no mans land" meaning the only thing you place in the corner were the crack is located is a picture or napkin basket. No cooking, no prepping, no washing of any items, nothing happens use-wise in this area of the kitchen and there is a visible crack. Just for the record my house was built in 1952 so I am not going to buy the "house settling" story. No worries I thought (big mistake), we have a 20 year warranty and it has only been 20 months....

No problem - right? Absolutely wrong. This is where all three companies - silestone (cosentino), counter fit & lowes have collected their monies and now do not give two cents about the *** product and *** warranty they have sold and installed in your home - that's customer care at its best. I emailed lowes kitchen design department first 11/27/2017 to report the problem, they emailed silestone (cosentino) which in turn issued a warranty claim number.

Silestone (cosentino) advised that the installer - counter fit would need to come out and inspect the crack. No problem, just let me know when and I would be there. Keep in mind this was november of 2017, no one ever contacted me to come out and inspect the problem. I have over a dozen emails for exactly 1 year where I am trying to get some sort of response from any of the 3 companies that profited from this transaction and none of them have responded.

Today I sent yet another inquiry in regards to the warranty and finally received a response from counter fit that the warranty claim had been denied as it was "not a manufacture defect"..... What?...ok...what is it then is my question with no response. I guess a crack in an expensive counter top stone is normal after 20 months? After reviewing online complaints ( this seems to be the norm for these folks at silestone......issue useless warranties and find any reason to deny all claims, in my case there isn't even a reason for denying the claim.

No one came out and inspected the crack. The claim was just denied after the silestone countertop cracked within 20 months of install.

Please stay away from all 3 companies stated above as they all are dishonest companies that need to learn a lesson in customer service and honest dealings. Buyer beware.


so you bought counter tops from Lowe's because they were cheaper than the local company and they look it. What did you expect?


Not even close to a useful comment. If it's garbage the store should sell it that way or not sell it.

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Lowes in Lockport, Illinois - Ripped of and harrassed

Lowes - Ripped of and harrassed

Update by user Mar 24, 2016

called whirlpool and they said we are under warranty and are now sending a new drawer for free. Thank you Whirlpool.

Lowes was just trying to rip us off by making us pay (twice) for the shelf that they did not deliver. I will buy whirlpool again, but I will not step foot into Lowes.

Original review posted by user Mar 18, 2016

I bought a Whirlpool fridge from Lowes. I order to get an additional 5% off they convinced me to get a Lowes card. The bill did not come so I called and they said they sent it but it was not delivered, so we made arrangements to pay online. Anyway, I started getting phone calls from a bill collector. Despite the fact that we resolved the issue with the store and then had to explain it several times to the bill collectors, who said the calls would stop, we continued getting calls three or ore times each day on our home phone and at work. We pleaded them to stop but the calls kept coming. When the fridge arrived, it looked like it was missing a drawer and we asked he delivery guy about it. He said it was not missing a drawer. The drawers could be moved around and so it just looked that way. We believed him until we went to a friend's house who had an identical fridge, but it had the missing drawer. When we called Lowes they said we were out of luck and had to pay 158 dollars for the drawer because it was after 30 days. Despite several calls to Lowes we are stuck with a new fridge without a drawer. Ironically, this is why we purchased a new fridge in the first place, because our old fridge had a broken drawer and we are selling our home. So now we are out 1200 for the fridge and 158 for a drawer if we purchase it. In addition I was embarrassed at work because the phone went off during my lecture, embarrassing me in front of my students when their bill collectors from India called me for at least the 20th time in a matter of two weeks asking for money they had already received.
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If you thought you were missing a drawer why didn't you just stop in the store and look at the display? It amazes me at how people wait extended periods of time before they follow up on a problem.

If you have a problem with an item you have delivered or purchase from any store let them know right away. If the product has been in your home for a month or longer who knows if the problem was there to start or was a problem you caused?


Not getting a bill is not a good excuse to not pay. When you get a credit card, and use it, common sense tells you that in 30 days you owe the bill. You could have always gone online to to set up your account to view and pay your bill.


We did pay. That's the point.


It's not Lowe's fault that you were being called by a bill collector. Lowe's cards are issued by a BANK, not by Lowe's Corporation.

Also, I think they were right to deny your claim after 30 days.

I don't care what the delivery person said, if you think there's something wrong with your product, make your concerns known BEFORE the store warranty expires.

You're kind of a dumb ***.

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Lowes in Gurnee, Illinois - Customer Service unresponsive / delivery charges outrageous

Lowes - Customer Service unresponsive / delivery charges outrageous
Lowes - Customer Service unresponsive / delivery charges outrageous
Lowe's Customer Service is horrible. I shopped online and put 3 items into my shopping cart, a total cost of $60-something. What happened next, the truck delivery charges are displayed at $10K, and sales tax as $800. I promptly emailed the CS, thought it might be a glitch... have never received a reply. However later on the truck delivery charges were modified, and it's now $59 for the $60 purchase. What do they do, load the truck with my 3 items, drive it a few miles & charge you the Charter Rates for THAT? Have they ever heard of UPS or USPS shipping? Lesson learned: will never shop at Lowe's again, either online or at a brick-and-mortar store. I have made screenshots of both charges. (The reason I opted for a delivery is because I am new to the area, but have heard that the entrance to the Gurnee IL Lowe's is tricky and is not from the Grand Ave. although their address is listed as such. I expected maybe $10 or $20 delivery charges tops, but $60? Forget it.)
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Customer service.via the phone is can recieve more service and knowledge from a phone sex operator


You are a spoiled fool, lol. Enjoy your angry little life.


So you've posted a complaint due to your inability to read and/or comprehend? There are three options when adding things to your cart, in-store pickup, truck delivery, parcel shipping. You obviously wanted parcel shipment (ie: ups) but selected truck delivery, which involves driving a 24' box truck @ 8mpg to your home with 2 employees to drop off a silly order.


I have dealt with Lowe's about its' delivery charges before. It's a flat delivery charge from a store.

It doesn't matter if it is a whole truck load or a single screw.


You neglect to say what you are having delivered. Large bulky Items can't go UPS and even UPS has limits to the size of package they deliver without an added charge. Don't bad mouth a business unless you provide all the details.


The items were not large. Would actually fit onto the front seat of said truck.

I really don't give a hoot as to their modes of delivery but IMO their delivery charges are excessive. And will post again if I happened to have a bad experience with a retailer which is what this website is for; and if you don't like it, too bad. Why, had the same items delivered by another retailer with zero shipping charges. It pays to shop around.

For those of you who missed the point, I'm repeating again, Lowe's Customer Service is unresponsive and consequently unprofessional, and their delivery charges are outrageous.

Enjoy :roll

Will know to stay away from Lowe's in the future, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store.


This guy is a special kind of ***. You selected truck delivery, not parcel shipping. Holy *** the dense people you see on here...


I wouldn't even bother to reply to "anonymous". I believe it's this same person that must work for Lowe's.

He/She/it trolls these boards about Lowe's making excuses for Lowe's horrible customer service and despicable business practice and tries to intimidate the poster into not posting again about Lowe's or tries to make the original appear to be to blame for a bad experience with Lowe's. You are 100% in the right to write about a bad experience you have had and you are 1000% correct in saying you shouldn't shop with them again.

My experience with them and reading ALL of the complaints on here I am completely convinced they are a horrible, wretched corporation that cares nothing about their customers . .


Furthermore, all the items that I would have purchased, would fit nicely into a Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box that currently bears a charge of $12.35 if purchased online from the USPS website. A far cry from the $60 quoted.

:? . . .

Have they even heard of USPS?


. :roll


They don't deal in They use their own trucks and drivers.

That delivery fee pays for the gas, maintenance and wear and tear on the truck.

If you don't want to pay it then get off your couch and go pick it up. People complain about the stupidest things.


Was it a full moon when this took place.? LOL


Does it make YOU feel good trying to bully someone who is sharing a frustration they have had with a VERY frustrating company??? smh Apparently full moon or not you are a ***, so what's your excuse ???


Don't shop at Lowe's. Competition abounds.

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