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Lowes in Lake Forest, Illinois - I will never shop at Lowe's again.

I have a lot of bad experiences at Lowe's in Gurnee, Illinois. First of all most of the employees at Lowe's in Gurnee doesn't have any clue about what they're doing. The first time I bought something from Lowe's is a 42 boxes of laminate wood. Employee's at Lowe's first of all set the date of pick up of the item on the wrong date. When I asked them to changed the date, it took them 20 minutes to change it. They have to make a lot of entry in their computer etc. and they blame on the customer when they do this mistakes like this. The customer service representatives would even make faces, raised their tone of voice in sarcasm as to the customer whose patronizing their store. Secondly, when I picked up the item, I have to leave 15 boxes in the store because it doesn't fit in my van. The cashier and the guys working there had witnessed that I left the 15 boxes that I will pick up in few minutes when I get back after I drop off the first set of boxes that I picked. Those guys and the cashier was so *** that they have to contact the manager and other employee to check for my receipt. I showed the receipt to be complinat with what they;re asking but they still doesn't want to relased the item. I have to wait for as long as 30 minutes for them to gave me an ok to load the itmes that I already bought and paid in full. Now buying online in Lowe's was again another story. Lowe's doesn't keep up to their words about delivery. I bought a granite sink which I'm still waiting for to be delivered. It has been almost 4 weeks now since I ordered and paid. Lowe's had postponed the delivery twice already. I got penalized for that because I have to cancel the service that will cut my granite countertop.
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Placed two order online and choose store pick up. Each time they just called me after 1 hour said no one in stock and cancel my order!

Feel angry about it!


doesn't have any clue..HHMMMM From Lowes is a 42 boxes..HUH? Should be was 42 boxes...Ummmm Lowes doesn't set a date for pickup simply because the majority of people NEVER pickup items on the date they say they will therby causing a backup of items in a storage should have called an hour before pickup so the items are pulled and ready.....When i asked them to changed the date..???

Changed?ok Entry should be entries....They probasbly raised their voices to get your attention to calm down or either aFTER THEY TOLD YOU FOR THE 4TH TIME you just didn't hear them the first 3 times and if they made faces maybe there was something stinking in the trash or either someone forgot to wear deodorant that day. They should have told you about the rental trucks you can rent for 19.95 and you could have put all of your order on it at one time...However I'm quite sure that wouldn't work for you either. "But they still doesn't want to relased the item"?

HMMMmmm As far as calling the employees ***...Jus don't know. :eek


The composite granite finally arrived at Lowe's in Gurnee. We picked it up this morning.

The sink came in good package, had styrofoam on all sides and a lot of big bubble cushion. When I opened it, I discovered what a piece of junk it is. The sink has a lot of cracks and one corner is broken. The thing is completely useless.

I went to Lowe's this evening to return the junk they're selling. I had so many bad experiences at this store.

Going to that store has brought me too many inconviniences. THIS IS MY LAST POSTING ABOUT THIS TOPIC BECAUSE I"M NOT GOING TO BUY ANYTHING FROM LOWES AGAIN.


@ JAH - It is a composite granite sink.


Never heard of a granite sink!!!!


@ Staff - Thank you for the concern. If you want, I can give you a more detailed information about those transactions that I made.

I will look for my receipts and I will post the transaction numbers. I would also like to let you know that my wife and I went to Lowe's to personally cancel the granite sink. The lady at the customer service/return section, made us wait for ~ 30 minutes while she work on her computer to cancel my order. Then she said that she cannot complete the cancellation because her computer froze and the store is already closing.

She took our address and phone number and told us that she will take care of the cancellation on the next business day. She assured me that my payment will be credited back to my account. I checked my account after 2 business days and I found out that my payment didn't go back to my account because the order wasn't cancelled at all. It has been 2 weeks now since I tried to cancel my order.

I decided to wait again and give Lowe's a final chance. The delivery date of the sink is on 9/17/09. I just hope that Lowe's will deliver it this time.

I apologized for the long posting. I'm just really frustrated about all this and upset about inconviences that it brought to me.


@ wow - I didn't proof read what I wrote in my complaint when I posted it. That's why there are a lot mistakes with my grammar.

The main thing about what I wrote is that I have bad experiences with Lowe's. That's what this posting is all about.


Tell me about it.


if you are going to post a complaint on-line for all to see, at least use proper english!

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