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My lowe's delivery driver was getting ready to install my 3rd frig from lowe's, lowe's had to repair my copper water line the last time i got a refrigerator delivered, this driver see's the repair , says it's mold and pulls it off as i'm telling him, that is not mold it's a repair lowe's did, water started spraying, and he told me the, that the mold had stopped the leak, I explained to him, that was a repair by lowes, a plug and mold will not hold a copper water pipe from leaking, their were no leaks anywhere before he pulled the plug repair out, The dept manager, said my fix by lowe's the last time was not meant to last a life time, This really made me upset, I will never buy another lowes appliance ever
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The Lowe's driver obviously has no experience with copper plumbing.

When copper oxidizes, it first turns dark brown (like a copper penny), and then if left undisturbed into a somewhat moldy-looking green.

This is normal. If you notice the pipe starting to deteriorate around areas that have a lot of green, this may indicate a leak in the pipe that is introducing more water into the area, speeding oxidation.

Just keep an eye on it to ensure it isn't deteriorating.

Usually, the layer of oxidation forms a good protection of the copper behind it against further oxidation, and in this way that green stuff is beneficial.

In other words, the guy broke it! You don't say, but I assume you or he fixed it.

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