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Lowes in Springfield, Illinois - Lowe's Fencing and installation is horrible

2 years ago I had Lowe's install a pvc fence. They would not let me have a picture of the drawing. They only ordered for 3 sides because one side was my neighbors wood fence and we told them several times we were not tying onto theirs-ours was all white. The installation job was terrible and the workmen had a criminal record-he told me so! and he threatened me when I became dissatisfied with the deep holes in my yard. Lowe's would not make it right and the installation was the WORST! do not shop at Lowe's.
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I work in the tax industry, yes employeers receive tax credit for hiring ex-felons, cash welfare, adfc, and vets. It is the governments way of turning that "ex" into a productive person in society and making tax money off of them rather than paying for their benifits or reoccuring crimes. MANY employeers will choose to hire a person just for this credit, which is pretty large. In my experience, grocery store take the most advantage of the ex offender credit because they tend to get just enough work hours completed to qualify for the credit before they quit or are fired.

Get an edication before you post ignorant comments.

As for the fencing, you need to file the incident with the Better Business Bureau. They will open a claim and most businesses will handle the matter quickly because they dont want a negative report on their business file.

Sorry for your poor experience, our Lowes has done work at my business and home and has gret themselves and their contracted partners have been very professional.


Hey HomeDumpedOn, are you slow or something? No retailer gets tax credits for hiring ex-cons.

Besides, these installers are just what you said, 3rd party contractors, not employees. Fine to blog on line, but at least pretend to be intelligent.


It's probably lowest bidder work by mandate or competition.And you the customer must do everything you can to make sure the CONTRACTORS are doing their job.

But it is the person the contractors are sub contracting for ie Lowes and Home Depot that need to control them even more than the customer.

The contractor wants to get the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible because their work is frequently fixed bid work with no add ons.And in order to get paid many of these contractors will tell their employer ie Lowes and Home Depot the work is done so they can get paid.

Even more troubling is that many of these sub contractors use sub sub contractors.Imagine the pay or time pressures if the contractor is the 3rd or 4th line to get paid.You the customer pays Lowes,Lowes pays the contractor,the contractor pays a contractor.Everybody wants their cut and to make a profit.

I don't know what Lowes policy is on criminal backgrounds but unless the crime applies to their work or is something like a child predator most won't worry.Many companies get tax credit for hiring ex-felons along with many other minorities including vets.

Stay after them,report them(Lowes and the contractor) to your local municipality ie permit check if you have to.

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Lowes has worst delivery, customer service!

We purchased a refrigerator, dishwasher and range from Lowes and it took two months to have appliances that work. They showed up on a day we weren't expecting them then rudely rushed us through getting ready for the installation. The dishwasher didn't work, the range was a floor model that wasn't leveled, there was no manual, no broiler, had bad nicks, the burners did not work and it tipped forward! The installers never tested anything. Every time we called the store we got someone different who didn't know the story, passed it on to someone else, NEVER returned calls. We now have three appliances from three different stores. We will NEVER buy from Lowes again!
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Tell me about it...


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