Tampa, Florida
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Worst customer service EVER!!!!

I bought a vanity/lavatory/faucet online and paid $406.60. 1 month later I noticed on my credit card statement that Lowe's had charged me twice for the same item! I've tried contacting a live person through the 1-800 # three times and waited over 30 minutes each time, but I couldn't reach a live person! When I called the store where I picked up the lavatory, they told me that I had to keep calling the 1-800#.

I will never go to Lowe's again! I need Lowe's to return my money to my account!

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Go to the store instead of sitting at home on the phone


Call the story on a Monday morning (between 6 and 8) and ask for the credit coordinator.

There are also two 800 numbers to call. One if for us and one is for you. The one for you in on the back of your card. You should not let the credit center influence how you feel about Lowe's, since the store and the credit center are two different things completely.

But the easiest solution is to call the credit coordinator.

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