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I called three times to order building materials to be delivered. All three times I would get transferred to building and it would ring about ten times and the the line would basically go dead.

I decided I would just go in person to do the order. There was no one at the building materials desk so i got in line and told the cashier that I would like to order building materials for delivery. She said to wait back at the desk and called over the intercom asking for assistance in building materials. This happened three more times.

After 10-15 min. The cashier told me a manager would be right over to take the order. I waited five more minuets. Then decided to leave.

But then I decided that I would let the store manager know why I was leaving without giving them my business. I went to customer service and waited about 5 min to talk to someone. I explained that I would like to speak to a manager and they said hold on and called someone. After about ten minuets the costumer service person called someone again and looked a me and asked what the problem was.

I explained and they reapeted it to the mystery person on the phone. Then she called someone else and got off and told me Jay would come to help me. Jay was the same person they were calling earlier that never came so I said I would like a manager and not Jay. She said the manager was on the phone and could not come to the desk.

Just jay. That's when I left and went a further distance to Home Depot. Waited there for two min. For them to finish taking and order.

Then ordered my materials and the delivery for the date I wanted and paid all in about 5 minuets.

Do yourself a favor and skip Lowes. It's hard to believe how badly managed the lowes Catskill is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Customer no service.

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