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Its not a stolen card. I actually have the I actually have the original sales receipt of the transaction.

No different the purchasing a gift card with a remaining balance which happens everyday on web sites that pay cash for unused gift cards. The card says May require identification. Not must present identification. Every grocery store along with on line businesses buy back unused gift card and pay 50%.If you take an item back to Lowes without a receipt you will receive a in store credit.

Not cash.

This is nothing more then a cash cow for Lowes. This is Lowes preying on customers and creating their very own cash cow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Gift Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Policy states that no gift card is be cashed out. Whether it is in store credit or a normal gift card.

Giving in store credit for an item returned without a receipt prevents thieves from walking away with cash.

Also, gift cards are not to be returned. You have thieves and people playing the system to blame for the inconveniences.


It was STOLEN from the original purchaser! Unless you can PROVE that you are the original purchaser Lowe's can rightfully consider it to be a STOLEN card.

Having a receipt is proof of purchase, but does NOT prove that YOU purchased it. Therefore it is legally considered STOLEN.

Someone could have very easily taken someones purse or wallet that had both the card AND the receipt in it, That's why they may or may not ask for an identification. Just because other retailers are to lazy to ask for an ID doesn't mean Lowe's is doing anything wrong.


If you have the original receipt than there would be no reason they would issue a store credit unless you specifically requested it due to a lost card or something, or unless that original receipt was also paid for with a store credit. It doesn't seem like you're giving the whole story here.




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So Exactly What are you going to do about this, OP?Exactly What do you want Menard's to do about this, OP?


I will take the monetary lose. It will never defer me helping someone one that's down and out or needs money.

However, i will no longer shop at Lowes. In Brooklyn, Ohio a very small city only 4 miles square. We have Lowes, Home Depot and Menard's building a new store. One thing i learned in sales.

Is the word of mouth is the best advertisement. And I'm telling and sharing my experience. Shared my experience with City council last night. If Lowes wants to believe that every item being returned without a sales receipt is merchandise stolen from one of their stores.

They won't be around for long. why would you *** off your costumer base. Hire security guards. Apparently Lowes In Store Credit policy is not working.

According to the police blotter every day the Brooklyn, Ohio Police Departments arresting shop lifters. Don't punish your customers.