Minneapolis, Minnesota

We ordered expensive carpet from Lowes and when installed they did a poor job and a seam in the hallway stuck out like a sore thumb. I let them know I wasn't happy with it and was told the appearance would improve over the next month.

After 6 weeks I called them and said I wanted it fixed, that there had been no change. They sent someone out from the installation service who tried to fix it and he could not. So they wanted to take the carpet up and reglue it and try to stretch it to fit. We said no we want new carpeting placed.

4 weeks later they still had not ordered the replacement carpet. When they did get the carpeting in and set up another date for installation(another day off work) the original installer returned and came in our house and started screaming and hollering at my husband, saying he had a right to fix his own mistakes, and that this new carpeting was coming out of his paycheck. My husband said no you are not going to try and fix the carpet in there, you are going to replace it with the new carpeting.He got mad and went and sat in his truck for 30 minutes cooling down and on the phone. He then came back in and said he would put the new carpeting in.

When done he asked my husband if they could be friends. I complained to the manager of the Coon Rapids Mn store who said he was sorry, and would get back to me. About a month later I called him again, and was told he had no idea what had been done with this person, he had handed it off to someone else to take care of. I was so angry that he felt that someone coming into our house and screaming at us wasn't important enough to handle himself.

He had no idea what had transpired and felt it to unimportant to return a call to us as promised. I would never purchase another item from Lowes, no even a nail

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Straight up, you are an *** for not letting the installer fix the mistake. It's cranky people like you that put small businesses, the contractors who do work for Lowes, out of business.

It only would of been fair for them to fix it.

Honestly, the installer paying for the carpet, Lowes won't, may not of paid a bill. You should be ashamed of yourself and remove yourself from the pedestal you think you should be on


Very well said..and they don't need new carpet. .streaming sometimes works as well...I can't stand people like this and hope Lowe's didn't give into them


This is the problem when dealing with big box retailers instead of local stores. The local guy will do everything he can to make you happy.

The big box stores simply don't care because no one is ever held responsible. Use this a a learning experience.