Alexandria, Louisiana

incompetence... Geezz I dont think Ive ever witnessed the absolute ignorance of Lowes employees.

Train these people already! I have a number of experiences with these idiots and have finally come to the point of saying no more. From the person who attempts to help you on any aisle, to the customer service center. Just go somewhere else to submit your hard earned dollar.....

or wait... and wait... and wait for either an answer to a question or, God forbid, you buy an appliance of some sort and want it loaded or....delivered, or just simply the right one brought from the back.

Save yourselves alotta trouble and just buy somewhere else.......

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I don't know which to do :cry or :grin at these comments. True on the training, but more true on the customers.

All 3 places I have worked retail its the same thing. The consumers think we are *** cause we work retail, not true.

A lot of us are smarter then you that is why you come to us with your questions.

I hate to say it...I love my job and I love what I do. Rude customers and all :)


As a previous lowes employee I can tell you that you are right on one point...they need better training...from the top to the bottom of the ladder. But, in defense of lowes employees, please remember what they have to put up with...substandard management, misguided and miscalculated schedules (mgmt not scheduling adequate people to cover departments which means another employee from another department has to cover that empty department and may not be trained to ex: cut blinds, cut glass, cut wood, special order, drive forklift, etc.) Not even the Manager of the store knows all the procedures of all the departments.

Also, please understand that 90% of the time they are approached by equally *** customers with questions such as; "do you work here" (no, I bought the red vest at Walmart); "how much would it cost to fence my backyard, just a ballpart figure" (hmmm, let me get my crystal ball and see how big your yard is); "will this curtain look good in my kitchen" (uhhh, duh); "do you know where the...ah, I can't think of the name, its square with hole in top and I think I bought one here, or maybe Home Depot 5 years ago and I want to use it for..." (Well, lets just spend the day walking through the store to see if we can find it going on that description!). Or, the customer who asks you for something specific, you find it, you know it is the right one and they tell you..."no, that's not it", only to see them at the register buying the exact one you showed them. Classic is the customer that fabricates an item that they need and insists that Lowes has it, And then Lowes employees are humiliated by customers who remark about Lowes employees intelligence with comments such as "well, of course you wouldn't know, you work at Lowes"....OR, how bout the customers that don't know that light on register means its open, light off means not open. OR, the customer that knows you, sees you in the store shopping on your day off and asks you to find something, cut something, check a price, etc.

OR the customer that walks up to you while you are engaged on the phone with another customer and starts talking. OR, the customer that yells down an aisle, "hey, hey you, i need some help"....oh, I could write a book on how rude customers are and if I was a "betting man" *** customers would beat out *** employees...


Hey, Lauren! Something tells me that you're single! (Good hunch, eh?) and are just angry at the world....just go buy a box of chocolates, turn on "Desperate Housewives", and it'll be OK, and work on the attitude, or you'll grow old alone!


:( I agree!! They are incompentent idiots and I had the pleasure of telling them so to their face!

They made my remodeling project a total nightmare!!

I can't even began to state what *** they put me through and all they could do was blame others (installers, sales man, etc)

Stay away from Lowes!! :(


Hey, ***! Come into MY LOWES sometime and call me an *** to my face sometime, instead of being REAL BRAVE and doing it in a forum like this, and while you're at it, bring along your ***** buddies retailer2 and Lowes Knows, because you'll need'em! But wait...Lowes knows will go down like a baby and scream his little babble, so he won't be of much help.