Roanoke, Virginia
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I recently went into a Lowe's here in town. It took me 20 minutes to find someone in the lawn and garden section to get a simple spark plug.

In addition to that, when I finally got it, I went to check out, the store had 3 lines open, with 15 people waiting at 1. The other two had people talking and arguing about what they were and were not going to do to get things ordered. The second line had a 'manager' trying to work the computer system to even find the item that the customers were trying to buy.

After 1 HOUR and 2 line changes I finally just pushed the basket away and left. These stores have no people, no competence, and no caring about their customers whatsoever.

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OK, I got a look at the Lowe's antiquated computer system which employees struggle with since it Linux-based and Lowe's has ancient computers which leads me think that they don't spend money on technology. That isn't incompetence on the employee's part.

I may be assuming too much in asking if you are an analytical, competent shopper? When I go to the store, I go when traffic is low. If you went on a bright sunshiney Saturday, it was probably packed and you aren't royalty, so get in line. As for the computers, you need to complain to the higher-ups, because the employees can not help that they are given a Yugo and then told to break the speed record for you in it.

If you were considering these factors and solutions to them, you might have a better shopping experience in the future. Think outside of yourself.

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