Staten Island, New York
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This has been the latest bad experience with Lowe's Staten Island Store. I went to buy air conditioners to this store.

The Lowe's store personnel named Derek was sent by customer service to answer a few of my questions about my requirement before buying the product. But to my utter surprise and angst this person Derek was so rude that he did not answer any of the questions. He kept on murmuring something, which I could not understand, and behaved as if he was in some other world. So, I left without purchasing the product.

It is surprising that customer service is the means by which the companies can distinguish themselves; I can go to Costco, Walmart or Sears and can get the same product.

I will think twice, and will probably go to Lowe as a LAST OPTION.

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I know exactly who that is. I got no help from him either. He isn't new, just ***


Hi! I am LOWES KNOWS and I am *** ***.

You probably work for the *** Home Depot you little ***! First off, Derek could be new.

Second, Lowe's doesn't need your snooty *** as a customer, they have plenty more. So shut the *** up!

Ealing, England, United Kingdom #24907

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