Worcester, Massachusetts

I've been dealing with these clowns for nearly 2 years. I’m in the process of replacing all windows in my home with Pella 850 series windows and new entry doors as well. To say my experience has been unpleasant is an understatement.

Phase 1 windows were installed without incident. Overall I’m happy. The custom entryway door on the other hand was a mess. The installer needed to trim the floor back in order to get the door so sit plumb. I told him well before he started the install but he assured me everything would be fine as he has been installing doors for 20 years He didn’t. I wound up going back to Lowes and after nearly 8 months the problem was fixed. That was after I had the door manufacturer out here for an inspection. At the end of the day it was a bad install just as I had said all along. Lowes ultimate made good on it but not without a lot of my time researching and pulling all the pieces together. Of which I should have to do anyway. However... I also had them install a storm door. The problem with that was no sill extender on the custom entryway door. After Lowes came out to inspect... The deemed the door was installed properly. BS! Any fool would know that the wipers on the bottom of the storm door work correctly ONLY when they wipe across the sill. Not the case here. So the alleged Market Director for the Northeast deemed there were no problems. Of course not... You too sir don’t have the skills necessary to make those kinds of decisions. My research on you via the web proves that point!

So now we move on to phase two windows. The window in the kitchen SHOULD have matched the bedroom window in terms of size. In other words I could take the screens from the bedroom window and install them in the kitchen window and vv. This is NOT the case now with the new windows. I told the installers from the very beginning that those two windows are the same size so please order the same size. They did not. This was their fault and the installation manager from the store refuses to acknowledge the issue. Why? HES NOT QUALIFIED TO WORK ON THESE TYPES OF PROJECTS! He was more interested in texting on his phone rather than listen to me.

So we move on to the phase two window install. I advised the installer that the installation needed to match the phase one install. That means they are installed in a certain location. While going through the process he ripped off the jamb extensions and put his own on (now the paint doesn’t match). That friends should have been a red flag! The windows are NOT in the correct location and in fact they are off an inch. So now the brick molding on that side of the house doesn’t NOT match the front of the house. To make matters worse, the windows are not the right size. They had to shim the rough opening by .75 / side in order to get the window to fit correctly. It gets worse... The basement windows did not have the right jamb extension. While close is size (WHICH I might add should have been another red flag) was still off 1/4". So what did that mean? That had to put a .25 face plate on it all around. Additionally in order to get the windows installed they had to put 2.5" shim on the top and bottom... That’s right! TWO AND A HALF inches of shim top and bottm. WTF?? His exuse? The manufacturer made the wrong size window. REALLY? Are you *** kidding me??? They effed up on either the measurement or Lowes ordered the wrong size. I suspect a combination on the two. To make matters worse the windows are not plumb. In fact they are out 1/4 from top to bottom.

Additionally Lowes did not order sash pulls. How the EFF am I to open the windows?

The market director for this area is clueless. He called after I filed a complaint and said we'll get the building inspector out there to take a look. We'll also get the sash pulls installed as well. HELLOOOOO The windows are NOT the right size. He would hear none of it. Again... He's not qualified to make these kinds of decisions.

For all you consumers out there looking for windows and doors? If you aren’t going to do it yourself then go to a company who specializes in those types of products. After reading many posts on line (some not legit but others are) I'm here to tell you that the installers they employ are there because no one else would hire them. TO be fair... I’m sure that’s not always the case but the ones I've been dealing with are hacks and really don’t give a rats *** about you. You're just another customer that put money in their pocket.

Do your homework. I wish I had found this site sooner! I was assured by many that Lowes does a wonderful job. Yep! They do a wonderful job at taking your money, not backing up their work thus screwing the consumer.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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