Terre Haute, Indiana

It seems every time I go into the Terre Haute Lowes store there's not one employee that wants to help, sorry, other then the paint area, they're good. The people in the lumber department are rude, when you want boards cut, they scatter like roaches, some even tell you that they're not suppose to cut the lumber for you.

My wife went in to buy a new refrigerator but even though there were 6 employees in the area, none would help her. One even asked if she found everything she needed, my wife said no, and the girl walked away laughing.

how rude. I guess it will be worth the drive to shop at Menards!

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Frederick, Maryland, United States #678248

Decided to do a search on MR HEARTLESS as apparently he has nothing better to do but to tell everyone who posts on this site how wrong they are. Heartless - I am sorry that life has been so horrible to you and made you such a miserable person.

Seems as though several others are catching on to your nonsense and really there is no need to continue your meaningless posts. You do know what they say about karma right?


Whirlpool Frig 3yrs old, Compressor shot!

Answer: CHINA!


It's very clear after your comment "One even asked if she found everything she needed, my wife said no, and the girl walked away laughing" THAT THIS IS A TROLL POST. No employee anywhere would ever do that.

The part about not cutting boards well that would be true it's probably against policy because they rather sell you the saw. I know you're trolling like I said, but Menards has the same policy on cutting lumber....

to Heartless #664972

your right heartless

this is a troll post from you

you must make good money posting everyday under different names

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