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The Lowes of Norman, Oklahoma is the laughing stock of the country. The store manager, Joe Medley is a complete inexpierenced Store manager who is far to young to be in that position.

The guy isn't a leader and cannot be found to talk to when there's a problem related to customer service. In fact, there has been several of that store's employees who have claimed the guy leaves when ever he wants to and does things in the store his own way despite company policy. Beware Shoppers, you'll get no where with this guy. He truly doesn't give a *** about his customers problems with product from that store nor about his employees.

This guy is rude, a smart ***, and could care less about anyone's needs but his own.

His other managers there are also inexpierenced young kids. Someone in the company needs to overhaul this store please!!!!!!!!!!

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Being "young" has absolutely nothing to do with the ability to manage a business or lead employees. You offer no explanation of a tangible problem encountered with the store. You sound like a disgruntled employee and your words carry no credence.


I do a lot of volunteer work in my community, and I am always out soliciting donations from big box stores like Lowe's. Joe Medley has been wonderful in helping our group with our needs as his donation budget permits.

For those that grumble, be aware that Joe has to comply with company policies, so you may not always get what you want, but he tries hard to please the customer. So just shut up!


Jason D Drumm is the store manager of a Lowes Store in Buckhannon WV . He is the most uncaring , two faced liar I think I have ever met .

I actually heard him bark at an employee for getting him to answer a customer complaint , after the customer asked for him . What a *** . Other times I have been in the store , I over heard him talk to an assistant manager , Let alone poor Judy , like garbage ... the guy had only been there like a week .

A new hire . I see him hiring young nice looking women and promoting them , to work as close to him as possible . And they are kinda dumb girls to . I wonder if his wife knows .

Anyway , he does nothing to keep good people staffed , as a long time shopper there Ive seen them come and go . The man is an *** . A at bald little *** whos day is coming .

Someone already hit him over the head with a bat at another store . Id love to shake his hand .

@Wishing a home depot was close

Whoever you are, you are 100% correct. He is a lowlife liar who treats is employees like dirt.

I see him hiring these young girl. He hired a *** to work his receiving area. What you heard him say to Judy, that is a daily thing for her. Anything goes wrong while she is in charge of the store, and he chews her out for it.

Jason needs to treat his workers with respect and stop with his sell sell sell mentality. Lowes of Buckhannon has gone downhill since he took over in 2011.

They have lost hard worker after hard worker because of him. The only way to keep this store alive is to get rid of him.


Wow. I worked with Joe Medley and Austin (who was mentioned in an earlier comment) and I have to say both are bad news.

They are what is wrong with big-box retail.

People go to small hardware stores because the employees are genuine and know their stuff. With Joe and Austin it is nothing but *** and passing the buck to someone else.


Lets all just get along! somethings will never be able to control! that is the greed of each in every person in this country.when u go to work its all about what have you done for me lately.


Did you hear what happened when they moved to Canada. They spent millions of dollars training managers in the here because they had no stores in Canada to train them in.

They paid them a fortune and soon after opening either fired them all or they quit.

The big plan was to bring in talented managers who could help them open their stores and then force them out replacing them with YOUNG manager at 1/3 the price.

If you wonder why they treat the employees so poorly start from the top and see how the managers also get treated.


I have worked for Joe at the North Edmond store. I discovered that he and the HR Erin Ledesma were having an affair. It was not long after that I was being closely watched an written up for every slight infraction.


He has also left his store at north Edmond to flip homes on the side when he was suppose to be at the store working. He also rewarded contractors with heavy disco unts to work on his houses he was flipping and selling on Lowe's time. He only spent about 15 hours a week at store and now just recently got promoted to market director.


Having dealt with both Austin and Joe in the past and being thrown under the bus by them, I wonder why they are still working there. I worked for Lowe's for 5 years.

I worked my way up from Part-time seasonal to Zone manager and then when I reported an incident between Autsin the Dept Manager and a cashier. I was fired for not reporting it earlier, and Austin was still there! I was told I was caught in a web of consistency.

They had done this to another Zone and so they had to do it to me. Doesn't seem right except I guess I was a threat to Joe and his drinking buddies.


Im a sales specialist for LOWES, 2.5 yrs. very successful, I keep to myself and do my work, stay out of the break room at all cost,Most of our mngmnt team is awesome, some are *** kissers, our store finishes high in all catagories giving away cars yearly.

Its not perfect and I look forward to someday moving on, \"Retail Hours\" but for now its OK. it is what you make it, so suck it up and quit playing the victim.


To the guy from store 268: If you are talking about Joe Medley then you must never have met Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Hyde. That is how he is at the N. Edmond store. He can turn on you mid-sentence, doesn't ask you why something was done a certain way he tells you why and doesn't let you explain.

Then for a day or two he is everyone's friend then ***bam*** it is Mr. Hyde infront of you and you dare not disagree because he will make you life ***. Sure do what he asks you say well when he asks you to break policy which makes you suceptable to losing your job why should you? Who will he be when it is time to take up for you if some one decides that "Today we will be folowing this policy"?

Tell me that Dr.

Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?


Spouce of employee

The managers are not the only incompetent ones. Your husband is as well. He can't fight his battles and has you fighting online for him.


I work at the store in North Edmond,Oklahoma and that is where Joe Medley is a Store Manager now. He recently promoted his best friend Austin and forced a manager to leave and another to quit.

Nobody says anything to him because all he cares about is himself and if you talk to the Erin the HR about him, she tells him and then he hates you and tries to make you quit or get fired. He truly doesn't care about the customer and hurts Lowe's image here.

Fat Mart cart rider

You are all a bunch of crybabies. Stop crying and go shop at home depot if you think Lowes is so bad.

You will be back at Lowes real quick then.

Dumb kids. :sigh


It must be a requirement of Lowe's, that they hire incompetent, irresponsible young managers to run their stores. The two stores that we are affiliated have young Store managers, assistant managers who are incompetent and irresponsible to be in the job that they were given.

They treat not only the customers like trash, but all their associates who work under them like they are nothing. They take advantage of the employees, they work them to the bone. I am talking in particular about the Lowes store in Easton/Bethlehem PA. The work ethics and just down right proper ethics for employees and customers must be brought back, or taught to these youngsters before its too late.

We as consumers are getting tired of being treated like trash when we are spending our hard earned money at a place where we are treated so poorly. And it is our money that is paying these Irresponsible and insensitive Young managers who hide from people, can not properly do the job of management they were hired for. They are only in it for the pay check. I was in the Easton store this past week, and i and my friend were in the one department, paint, and we needed assistance.

We hit the attendant bell and stood waiting for someone to come. The assistant store manager Omar came over, reset the bell, looked at us and walked away. Could he not ask us if we needed help. Did he not notice that there is a reason that the bell was going off?

He is an assistant manager and doesn't want to do his job. This was not the first run in which we have had with this one manager in particular. Their work ethics are poor. And when in this store, if you need a manager and the associates call for one...no one shows up.

There is one or two employees that they rely on for covering for these people and they should not have to take on the responsibility. Where is the Corporate managements heads when they make the decision to hire these young people? Just because they have a degree or they have worked for the company for a while, doesn't make these people good managers. Something needs to be done.

And it isn't just at Lowe's...

this is happening at a lot of our business's. What is this world coming to?


:( grow up Paul We all believe in ourself, but sometimes corporate believes in their own


Lowes in Denton hmmm Sexual discrimation ok since stuart left. New Manager does not care about employees.

Tried to tell him about sexual comments and so did 3 other employees, but instead jason ignored and hr left the store. Sales manager well he says he found god and brings donoughts to work(left over from service) talking to lawyer


our store manager in #209 killeen tx sat by the computers with the Hr manager and watched us fill out or opinion surveys.

on to of that our zone 3 manager Joel dutton has a key to his house and drinks with him almost daily.he has told employees and customers and i quote" Let me explain somethin to you. I have been with Lowes for 21 years 21 long years, and in that 21 years i have met alot of important people inside lowes and out.

People in high places within Lowes.

so with that being said and with my reputation adn the people i know in Lowes do you think there is anything Anyone can do to Me? I think Not."I had to leave and I am much happier.


Where can anyone start with incompetence of Lowe's store management? All of the above stuff is true.

I worked at Lowe's 1631 in Bellingham. I won't name the state because that would be too easy to trace. The store manager, G.G. supposedly did not know what was going on in his store.

That's ***. Assistant Manager S.A. threatened to send full-time employees home if they weren't productive. I was screamed at in public, pressured, written up final for something I didn't do, stuck in customer service and begged to be transferred after that four or five times and was told no.

The reason for no was a lie. After the accident I had (fell down the basement stairs and broke an ankle and cracked my head), I was pressured, screamed at and finally gave them what they wanted. I had a melt down. The administrative manager, T.

Keene, was the person who arranged my demise, along with that of Gary Frey. Gary's wife was on kidney dialysis (very expensive). That was why he was let go and not the supposed reason. Gary was escorted to the door.

I refused to allow them to humiliate me. I forced them to fire me on the phone. I asked them to call me when they made a decision. That didn't happen.

When I called after six days, they lied and told me no decision had been made. Found out that wasn't true. Gary and I were "unfairly terminated" for willful misconduct. Isn't it funny that being drunk on the job is also willful misconduct but C.

K. Brown, cashier, was drunk on the job every day. She got sent home in a cab three times and yet I was told by T.K. that it couldn't be proven she was drunk.

She ended up getting unemployment; the state is paying for her to go back to school and is getting a nice padded disability. Gary ended up with a lousy $40,000 after having to sue Lowe's.

They settled just before it went to court. I ended up on welfare, medicaid and after that, I have no comment.