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The Lowes of Norman, Oklahoma is the laughing stock of the country. The store manager, Joe Medley is a complete inexpierenced Store manager who is far to young to be in that position.

The guy isn't a leader and cannot be found to talk to when there's a problem related to customer service. In fact, there has been several of that store's employees who have claimed the guy leaves when ever he wants to and does things in the store his own way despite company policy. Beware Shoppers, you'll get no where with this guy. He truly doesn't give a *** about his customers problems with product from that store nor about his employees.

This guy is rude, a smart ***, and could care less about anyone's needs but his own.

His other managers there are also inexpierenced young kids. Someone in the company needs to overhaul this store please!!!!!!!!!!

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I worked under Joe in store 268 and thought he was a really good manager. he knows what he is doing and knows how to run his stores and the company.

If you just do what he asks, there wont be a problem.

hes a manager for a reason and I wish he hadnt left to be store manager is edmond. hes really good.


I worked under joe at the norman store. Supposedly he was found sticking it to an 18 year old female cashier.

On top of that another retard by the name of Austin decided he wanted a certain manager above him fired and Joe carried out his wish. the guy was fired for no reason whatsoever and was twice the employee either joe or austin could ever be.


I must say that the Lowe's in PIKEVILLE, KY is GREAT! I'm a contractor and they always are very friendly and helpful!

Most of the complaints come unfounded and are just because someone got mad because a worker disagreed with what they thought they needed or they had to wait a few minutes.

Trust me I'm sure if this is the type of person you are that they dont want to keep you waiting no longer than they have to and would rather get you what you need and get you out of there....No store can satisfy everyone all the time because some of you guys are so mad at the world that you could never be satisfied!!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!


Massillon Ohio Lowe's stores management is a joke and after spending thousands of dollars over the years Im done!!!! I go in to buy a snow plow for my truck and I wanted to order this because online shows they do not have this in stock.

It took the guy 10 minutes to find this on his computer which showed 2 in stock.

45 minutes later he said I would have to come back in the next day or two when the could find it. Manager told the employee to tell me this...I'm done....


:( lowe's plainfield store in GR Mi.

saturday 24 oct. 10:45 am. one chasher,

six pay by card,with four having problems

gave up,went to service counter to checkout, was told " I can't check you out here". Left over one hundred dollars in merchandice on counter.

decided menards will be choice of lumber and supply.. very pissed with LOWE'S...


It sounds like you all have issues, I love my job and the people I work for. Prehaps you don't fit into the lowes family.

Move on and become all you can be. I don't beleive Lowes has a personal agenda to stop you from being who you our. Beleive in yourselve and move on.

To harbar hate is futile. :)


This guy Joe finally got what was coming to him. He got demoted and is no longer the store manager at Lowe's 1165 of Norman, Oklahoma.

He got caught doing something he wasn't suppost to and was sent to the Lowe's store in Yukon, Oklahoma. He then complained and ended up at Lowe's store 268 in South Oklahoma City where he works now as of the present date. He didn't want to make a long drive to yukon from Goldsby, Oklahoma so his request to go to the South Oklahoma City store was granted. This guy has already pissed off people it sounds like at this store and he's not even the store manager.

Someone send this guy packing please. He deserves to be fired.


This guy Joe was demoted some time back and is no longer the store manager at Lowe's 1165 of Norman, Oklahoma. He finally got caught messing up and was demoted and took a salary cut.

He's rumored to have lost 1/3rd of his original salary. He was sent to the store in Yukon, Oklahoma and lator went to Lowe's 268 of South Oklahoma City so he could be closer to his home in Goldsby, Oklahoma. This guy should have been fired a long time ago instead of just being demoted. He's nothing but a ***.

What goes around, comes around and got this cat in the back side. *** loser.


Joeis worthless as a manager! He does not know how to talk to customers, that is if he is ever at work.

He never returns calls. Lowes must really be hard up! They use to be great. Those days are gone now.

I will NEVER go inside another Lowes! i will be telling everyone of my experience for the rest of my life.


I must agree. He needs to go away. Untill then, I will spend my hard earned monet elsewhere!


Every thing you say is true I work at the Lowes in Roeland Park Kansas and every customer that walks through our doors automaticly loses 50 IQ pts. If they aren\'t smarmy yuppie swine who don\'t know a hammer from a hatrack they are a white trash mouth breathers who get pissed when they cannot afford a custom storm door for their hovel.WhaT IS IT WITH PEOPLE CAN\'T THEY READ how do these people function in their daily lives the most asked question wheres your bathroom .

Yes by and large Lowes breeds sucky *** rude and just plain *** customers.

Just say no you can\'t return this 2x4 because you cut it to short,no you can\'t return this toilet you\'ve had in your bathroom for 8 months , just Sorry you can\'t return the door that fell out of your truck on the way home these are true scenieros they happen every day any Lowes employee will agree. So customers learn to read , I am not your servant or your houseboy


I am not surprised to hear this about Joe. I worked for the guy in CA when he first got promoted and didn't waste any time throwing people under the bus.

He is pompous and *** Doubt he will be going anywhere if his numbers satisfy his DM. Sorry guys.


I so agree with the incompetence of Lowe's Store management. I worked for them a long time and the worst store management I ever came across was the Sunrise store in Florida.

Although I have met others since working at that store. If the corporate office really knew how the management people were treated I do not believe that they would put up with it.


That's why the corporate big wigs still have their jobs, since they tend to move the incompetent types up the ladder since they always say "YES" to everything and they do learn one thing, how to lie while smiling at you. Plus if Home Depot does it they will too, they seem to be more of follower than leaders.


Unfortunately the things related by

Tommy K are not isolated incidents. I am 44 and worked several different places but none compare to the management abuses we are forced to tolerate daily.

If a Zone manager or above is out to "get you" they will stop at no lengths to do so.

No lie will be left untold by them. All true dude.


It's the same in a store in spokane valley, wa. , the manager keeps wages low and they try to get to quit by having you work the worst hours possible and as often as they can make you work them. So it's just there but all over so called lowe's .


This guy Joe does descriminate and puts people in areas where they have no expierence so he doesn't have to pay them anything over the minimum for that position. He only hires very young kids and has run all the original old timers off who were very knowledgable.

Joe only cares about getting his bonus at the end of the year for keeping the employee wages down.

This guy needs to be put under investigation for using the loss prevention cameras on his employees (one of many scare tactics he uses) & then has used his jack ***, windy/lying operations manager Todd Phillips to write these people up and threaten to fire them. Joe has constantly left the store whenever he feels like it and has been accused of sexual harrassment.


Joe is a piece of ***. I know because I work there as a Department supervisor under him.

Everyone is scared to turn him in because they don't want to lose their job. The HR manager there at the store is there for the managers and not the employees unfortunately. Joe has gotten rid of people who challenge him on the way he runs that store. The guy is truly corrupt.

He tells us not to do certain things and he turns around and does them himself despite company policy. The guy always used to leave the store early to go to OU football games here in Norman and would never come back to the store.

He never finished his shifts but has fired people for doing the same. ??!!**** Go figure.


Sounds like this guy needs to be fired if he isn't there for customers. I have a friend from that store who has heard and seen similar things from this guy at that store.

My friend says that Joe uses fear tactics to scare his employees including spying on them with the Loss prevention Deptartment's cameras that are suppost to be used to catch shoplifters.

This guy is a piece of *** it sounds like. The company could do without him.