Norfolk, Virginia
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Lowes Norfolk VA . Purchased a range they tried to charge for a 2 yr.

warranty. 1st - I told the sales clerk I did not want the extended warranty and he said it was removed. However, when I went to the register to pay it was still on the invoice. I had the cashier remove the warranty charge.

They also charged a $79 fee for delivery that was advertised as FREE on a sign directly above the appliance I purchased. I did not see the charge at checkout. When I got home and checked the receipt, I saw the charge. I called and they said they would refund the delivery amount so I drove 20 miles to the store and when I got there they would not refund the delivery because I had paid with a check.

They wanted to give me a merchandise credit. I do not want the credit because I will not spend another dime at any Lowes. I want the money back that they ripped off for a delivery that was advertised as FREE and incorrectly charged. The mistake was Lowe's not mine.

Their system is either totally screwed up or they are desperate to screw the customer and hope you don't notice.

I should have gone with HOME DEPOT! I have had much better results and customer service with HOME DEPOT.

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A check must clear first before Lowes will give you a cash refund. Wait the 15 days and then go in and get your cash back. All stores havde policies with checks, be patient.