Savage, Minnesota

I have just closed my Lowe's credit card. I closed my account because I am sick of this country (USA) sending are jobs over to India.

I have made the decision to close all of my accounts that give our jobs to a different country. There are to many people in the United States that don't have jobs. I wonder why? The companies in the US are not considered about this country then I'm not ABOUT TO GIVE THEM MY BUSINESS!!!!

I sick of dealing with people that you cant understand what there saying!!!

Start giving these jobs to United States Citizens.

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry you people need to get a life.THIS 2008


Yeah buy American, cause the quality is so much better, like american cars...wait no, american electronics...wait no. WELCOME TO A GLOBAL ECONOMY! Almost nothing is 100% made in the USA anymore, and thanks to unions, YOU COULDN'T AFFORD IT IF IT WAS!


I have been griping for yrs,after we loose our jobs we can't even buy the cheap junk from overseas,i try my best to buy us products,just wish everybody did.


Thats why i limit my shopping when I go to Wal-Mart. EVERYTHING it seems is made in China!

I remember years ago that the rumor going around was that the big red, white and blue banner that PROUDLY?? said made in the U . S. A.

actually was a slam against the real USA in that it meant Union Shops of Asia!!

Don't know if that was really true or not, but still remember it even being a news story on TV and Wal-Mart denying it. (Of course).


Why do they outsource? Because it's cheaper!

When we as a nation say "Screw it, I'll pay more for this product because it's made and serviced in America!" all those foreign factories and call centers will close. Can you convince everyone in America to do so?


Anyway to save a buck !!!

Quality of those material has shifted as well. :upset


Well if US citizens were educated and smart enough to get these jobs they would off! I mean almost anything and everything that you do in this country is supported by Non US folks. If it wasn't for these people supporting this country, we would have a shortage of doctors, engineers and half the staff of NASA.