Faulty Installation | Lowes review from Terre Haute, Indiana

I had a custom patio door installed seven years ago by Lowes. I thought everything was ok with the door until a gust of wind pushed the door- frame and all- into my kitchen. I have video on my phone showing the door was never secured to the house! No nails or screws were holding the door in! The only thing holding the door in place was the trim on the exterior and the interior of the house. I went to Lowes to complain and was brushed off by the store manager. I sent in a sales receipt (which was very faded since they used disappearing ink in their registers), and even showed the store managers the video and they would not do anything about it. As a result, my floor (which I just had installed two years ago) around the door is damaged due to all of the water that poured in when the door blew in. Lowes would not do anything. The whole issue would have been avoided if the door had been properly installed. Will not purchase anything from Lowes ever again!
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Seven years ago and you're complaining now? Good luck.

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Incompetent employees | Lowes review from Terre Haute, Indiana

It seems every time I go into the Terre Haute Lowes store there's not one employee that wants to help, sorry, other then the paint area, they're good. The people in the lumber department are rude, when you want boards cut, they scatter like roaches, some even tell you that they're not suppose to cut the lumber for you. My wife went in to buy a new refrigerator but even though there were 6 employees in the area, none would help her. One even asked if she found everything she needed, my wife said no, and the girl walked away laughing. how rude. I guess it will be worth the drive to shop at Menards!
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Decided to do a search on MR HEARTLESS as apparently he has nothing better to do but to tell everyone who posts on this site how wrong they are. Heartless - I am sorry that life has been so horrible to you and made you such a miserable person.

Seems as though several others are catching on to your nonsense and really there is no need to continue your meaningless posts. You do know what they say about karma right?


Whirlpool Frig 3yrs old, Compressor shot!

Answer: CHINA!


It's very clear after your comment "One even asked if she found everything she needed, my wife said no, and the girl walked away laughing" THAT THIS IS A TROLL POST. No employee anywhere would ever do that.

The part about not cutting boards well that would be true it's probably against policy because they rather sell you the saw. I know you're trolling like I said, but Menards has the same policy on cutting lumber....


your right heartless

this is a troll post from you

you must make good money posting everyday under different names

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No Help | Lowes review from Terre Haute, Indiana

WHAT A JOKE LOWES IS. I went up there yesterday to get a small pluming item, waited for 25 minutes for someone to come and help me and no one showed up so i walked to the service desk and asked if someone could help me in that department, They called someone and she said someone would be right back to help me, I go back and waited for another 30 minutes and no one showed up so i bought what i thought would work, paid for it and drove all the way home to find out it didn,t work, I drove back to Lowes waited for 15 minutes to return it and decided to go to a place i passed 3 times on my way to Lowes The True Value in DuBois. I walked in and a guy asked if he could help me as soon as i walked in the door. I told him what i needed, he walked back got it for me and i was out the door in 10 minites..and it was half the price as Lowes.
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Why would you wait a total of 55 minutes??? It's your fault you didn't leave after 10 minutes and hit up the other store you mentioned.

And YOU bought the wrong thing. I understand there was no one helping you, but it's your fault for just not leaving.

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Lowes Delivery Service

Lowes Terre Haute Indiana incompetent ordering and installation

I ordered an exterior door with 'professional' installation. They ordered the wrong door, the installer (Ron Grub) arrived late, unprepared, and left early with job unfinished for first install appt. Was a no-show no-call for the second appt. Forgot parts on the third install appt, and was late for the fourth (and I hope final) install appt. I've called Lowes for assistance in getting the install completed and they've been of little help. Since I had to pay up front for the whole thing I guess there was no incentive. I will never do business with the Terre Haute Lowes again. If you find that you have to and they refer you to Ron Grub as a 'professional' installer, get a prescription for valium because you'll need it.
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yes, as a Lowe's man, I do have to say that virtually all of our installers fall into this category. I know there are indeed a few good ones out there, but they are indeed few and far between.

And sadly, this is not just a Lowe's problem.

You see, Lowe's, Home depot, and all the others contract out for their installation services, and unfortunately, if these guys were the "cream of the crop", so to speak, they would not have to do install jobs for ANY of the big blue or orange box stores, they would have PLENTY of individual jobs lined up if only from word of mouth. I know as a Lowe's person myself, I would have second thoughts about any of these guys coming into my home, and if you use them, do not be afraid to ask for their credentials when you greet them at your door, you might be surprised what you're told by them.

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