La Verne, California
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We were in your Anaheim store this past Saturday code#10300-30511-14567. Behind the small appliances you had a large clearance rack, on this rack you had a long piece of medal with sharp edges.

The person I was with is tall 6'4", he ran into this knocked his glasses and hat right off. It could have been much worse,it could have been his eye. He is not the type of person to pitch a fuss. I asked for the manager when we went to pay for our purchase.

No manager came, I told the two female employees to do something about the sharp piece of medal. Three days later he ordered new eye glasses due to the large scratch the sharp medal caused.

If his glasses did not get scratched in your store due to this safety hazard he would not have had to purchase new glasses just yet. I feel some sort of compensation is in order.

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@Consumer, Our store has a safety walk every morning, done by the mod. After the walk, he will walk with you and point out what has to be done.

If these safety issues are not taken care of you will be written up. And how would you know they are watching every consumer?

Feeling a little guilty there? And what the *** is "stloe"?


People like to comment garbage, the real fact is these home improvement stores as a matter of fact none of these big stores care about the consumer they only care about your money.They should have periodic safety checks,but instead they watch constantly on the cameras for people stealing,they see every move every consumer is making,but noone is ever around for assistance especially the managers theyre never around, bet if you stloe something everyone would be around,they see everything they choose to ignore it they are pieces of gargage!


I understood the meaning of "medal" for metal. Unsure of how anyone of even low intelligence could or would make an issue of it.

However, the answer here is to call corporate and complain. Lowes is a pretty good company and will do what is right, I am sure.

If not, then don't shop there again. Or, the next time you hear an ambulance siren, run after the lawyer chasing it down the street and hire him.


Call Lowes corporate and complain. You will get action.

Store level management does not care about you.

As for Really!, not all people are as perfect as this Really buffoon. The man is looking for help in his situation with Lowes, not some *** like Really!

And I am sure Really! is familiar with metal since he has a plate of such material covering his pea sized brain.


Do you mean METAL as in iron, steel? Did you also know they have spell check on the website for you people