Clayton, North Carolina

My dad was injured by a piece of wood at Lowes. Pieces slid and mashed his finger so bad it required stitches to stop bleeding.

He was told they would cover the doctor visit and any future problems. It has been 2 months and he still doesn't have reimbursement and was told he had to send a signed form releasing them of everything to get the money. It's not handled by the store and the lady claims she hasn't got the form when we've sent it several ways. Employees were nice, but God help you getting reimbursed if you are injured.

Wondering if we may need to hire a lawyer. This is ridiculous.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Ask your dad if would have moved faster if his head was in the way.


Anonymous is 100% Correct! I love to lift weights!

One day I join a gym and on that day I accidentally dropped a Dumbbell on my foot would I expect the GYM to cover my injuries that I caused to myself?

The answer is no! The only way Lowes is Liable is if it was caused by them which from what I've read it most likely was caused by your Dad shuffling wood around.


It always amazes me that people that feel they have to sort through stacks of lumber enough to cause the next row to tip over feel they need to be compensated because they were hurt by something they caused. Wood doesn't just jump out and hit you. I'd feel like a fool asking someone to pay for an injury I caused to myself.