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I went to Lowes to get a storm door. I wasn't sure of the size needed so I paid 35.00 to have a contractor come out to measure the door way for me.

Now getting someone at the help deck was the 1st step, thank goodness the computer asks the ?'s otherwise I would still be there trying to order a contractor but 3 days go by and ( I ) call Lowes when no one has called to schedule this measurement I paid for. They tell me someone will be calling in the next 2 days so I ask if I can change my home # to my cell # so I don't have to be stuck to my house 3 more days but to my surprise they can't change the #. So finally I get a call from a company called Madison Construction that tells me they will be out in 3 days to do the measurement. I wait and wait and wait.

Perhaps they measured a door for install but it surely wasn't my door. I guess I am to assume that who ever got their door measured will also get the door I ordered? Have to call the helpless deck again on Monday.

Good luck to you if you use Lowes skilled contractors hope your experience is better then mine. PS if you get a door by accident pass it my way.

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Same deal. Lowes is totally incompetent.

We went in, talked with salesman, chose a door, signed an order, paid $35 by credit card. Two weeks no call. We called them. They would send out someone.

One week later...nope. We called again. Someone did come and measured. Never came back.

We called them. Asked what is going on. The manager faxed us a contract. OK we signed and faxed it back.

Same person called again and said we didn't fax it. We did it again. No workman. Week later we called to ask.

Days later they call back and ask if we have cancelled. We said no we are waiting for our door. She answers "Come in and pay for it and we will schedule it". I asked if she pays for restaurant meals before eating them!

I told them they were incompetent and if they get an order this screwed up, I don't want them anywhere near my house.

Credit our account and don't ever expect me to visit your store again. :(

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