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Bought a top of the line Bosche dishwasher from Lowes and the installers came to install. They were RUDE and SARCASTIC.

They asked ME to turn off the electric. I did what I thought was the electric marked on the breakers. Thank God I asked Do you test the line to make sure the electric is off? They checked and line was still active.

Guy goes to basement with me and says D.W. means dish washer for the future. I said look at the one above that it also says D.W.. Then one guy uses my bathroom and does #2..YUCK.

do not use my bathroom. Guy @ 2 says can you get a garbage bag to put the garbage in? So they came un-prepared to take away the box, plastic wrap etc. Next issue BIG>> please sign here..

I look at the paper no name and it is a questionnaire on quality of service.. all BLANK.....I question it he say don't worry I have it all filled in for you.

I will never use LOWES again. I have used HOME DEPOT several times and they OUT SHINE Lowes BIG TIME.

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