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I went in to the Amherst, NH Lowe's last week and purchased a Samsung Washer and dryer set for about 1450 dollars. I went with Lowe's because the price seemed decent and I had a Lowe's credit card.

I never purchased anything really big from Lowe's so this was the first experience where I really needed some customer service. I scheduled delivery for March 28th. My 4 hour window was 8 to noon. At 9:30 the delivery people show up and determine that I need the a stackable kit which they didn't have and I needed to order.

(OK perhaps my mistake, it would have been nice for them to ask.) We rescheduled for the next day and the delivery guy said he would try to get me first thing in the morning. I get the call and they (of course) make my 4 hour window from noon to 4:00PM. I am paid by the hour and work 1 hour from home, so I left work early (like a sucker) to make sure I was home by noon. Each hour passes and at 4:00PM nobody had shown up.

I then called the delivery line at the store and the women told me their was some truck problem but she assured me they were on the way and would call me back with the time, she just needed to call the drivers. She never called back I called several more times and she said that the phones were not working properly and she was unable to contact the drivers but just keep waiting...(OK. I am only so much of a sucker) at this point I was pissed having already spent 1450 dollars plus losing 250 dollars in wages for a half-day. I then drove to the store and got a refund.

No manager or customer service rep did anything (no apology) they just robotically refunded the money. I then called the Lowe's customer service department which is another block,stall, delay tactic. I called the Lowe's credit department and canceled the credit card. I won't be needing it again.

The local guy P.E. Fletcher will match the price and they are a locally owned store. Lowe's closed some store recently in N.H. and I can see why.

I will vote with my dollars and hope the Amherst, N.H.

store closes as well. Goodbye Lowe's one more lost customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1450.

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search you tube lowes forklift tragedy and be glad they did not show up


be glad they didn't me

search you tube for forklift tragedy and you will understand that statement