Malta, Illinois

When reading all of the negative posts concerning Lowe's as either a company, it's practices, or products, have you all noticed the by now all-too-insipid reply that Staff gives to each and every complaint? He ALWAYS just reponds with "Contact Lowe's CEO", NEVER gives an intelligent, in-depth reply to a customer's issue, whether it be insightful, thoughtful, or even humorous.

Perhaps he is merely a disgruntled ex-employee who has issues, is perhaps slow, or cannot respond with an intelligent, honest reply.

People look to this sight for help, not be directed to another website.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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alright *** I work at Lowe's and must admit the store does suck but so do the customers. Most customers are trash and I could care less how they feel.

All anyone in retail cares about is the paycheck so shut the *** up and quit crying. *** off


Cannot respond with an intelligent, honest reply. Because Mr.

Niblock & his high paid attorney have warned. Say too much & we will come after you.



Argument won.


Don't forget.


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