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I live in a state with snowy winters. Today, I decided to finally get a snow blower as the one I had kept my eye on was on sale - normally $599, sale price $399.

Sounds like a no-brainer. Except, Lowe's website sucks. If you add the snow blower into the cart, it reverts to the original price. Tried multiple times and it finally went into the cart at the sales price.

Went through the check out process, got all the way to the review cart section, when the price was showing the normal price. If I hadn't noticed the discrepancy, I would've lost out on $200 because of their garbage site.

I have since tried multiple times to get this to work - literally wasting 30 minutes for a simple purchase. I still don't have a purchase, because when the sales price is reflected properly, you cannot input a credit card option.

I feel like the site needs a major overhaul, I have never been this frustrated with an internet purchasing since the 1990's. Guess I'm going to Home Depot instead, what a waste.

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Rather than wasting all that time on line why not just go to the store and buy one?

to Anonymous #1603278

He is one of 2 types of people. First one is he is one of those people who would rather be the 20th person in mcdonalds drive thru and sit for a half hour in his idling car while playing on his phone instead of parking, getting out of his car and going the front counter where there is a cashier waiting for someone to walk in.

Or he is the type to search day and night for significantly underpriced misprints and then be a D--K to the store employees insisting he is able to buy the item for the very low misprint price. if the item was a online misprint and he goes in store the salesman and cashier would be aware of the significant error and he would have the pay the intended price.

to Anonymous #1605568

Hey Anonymous November 26th, you’re giving away your tell. On a quiet Monday night when you get home from working at Lowes it’s time to take to the interweb to release your anger on those who may have maligned your master.

It’s pretty presumptuous to believe this consumer is male. Was it because the purchase was for a snowblower or because they couldn’t manage to checkout online?

to TskTsk #1605641

Touched a nerve did I? You must be one of those D—K customers I was talking about.

Looking down your nose at the customer service people, wanting something for nothing, acting like a child when they don’t get their way.

It’s pretty presumptuous of you to believe I work for Lowe’s. I know it’s a male who wrote the post just the same way I know you are a female.

to TskTsk #1606038

That’s hilarious. Who would of thought there’ be trolling on this site.

How many times a day is your Nov.

26th dude checking in? Hook, Line, & Sinker!

to TskTsk #1607664

LOL.... Not a played out, tired, banal and lame version of "you must work for(insert company)" meme better known as the "Loser's Lament." This response is typical of losers who can't handle a comment that doesn't support their idiotic narrative. Thanks for providing a great example loser...

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