I ordered online a kitchen faucet in bronze and had it shipped directly to my rental property. When it arrived my plumber installed it and text me a picture.

When I saw the picture I couldn't believe it.... Lowes shipped a less expensive chrome faucet not bronze like a ordered. So now I will have to pay another $238 for the reinstallation. And I can't even get a call back so Lowes can refund me the price difference for a mistake they made!

The customer service department is called customer care... they should call it customer could care less ....What a joke. A hugh waste of my money and time and Lowes could care less.

To say the least I'm not a fan of Lowes. Home Depot from now on.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Once a product is installed it makes the return process much more complicated. At my store, the most we'd really be able to offer you is an Installed Complaint form, which you would fill out, mail to our General Office, and have it reviewed by our much higher-ups to see if they deem you worthy for any sort of refund.

Really muddies the water.


Yes, they may have made a mistake, but you compounded it by not looking at what they shipped before you had it installed. I would expect you would at least have to get the packaging back to them to even consider giving you any credit. They are going to need some kind of proof the wrong item was shipped.


Its not the customers responsibility to have to check behind the ones who's job it is to make sure you get what you ordered. However I realize that it is now almost a necessity in this age of dumbed down society cell phone zombies in the pool of candidates that businesses have to choose their employees from Lowes should take full responsiblity and make it right.