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Today my husband and I brought my elderly mother's lawnmower in to see if Lowes would service the machine, I was directed to the return desk where a young lady who appeared to very unhappy with her job,I tried to explain to her my problem concerning the mower, she replied in a very hostile way that I couldn't return that mower. A nice young man from Lawn and Garden came up front I explanied my problem to him meanwhile Miss.Roxi walked off with a nasty attitude,discusing a customer with another.

I felt as if she felt I was trying to steal from Lowes, My family and I have been dedicated customers of Lowes and have never been treated this poorly. I am a Human Resource director of a Large Healthcare facility in Tallahassee and I would never tolerate such poor customer service. Miss.

Rozi's attitude and body language conveyed that she either didn't care to assist me or just didn't like the way I looked, she should be remaineded that you can't judge a person by their looks,I may have been just a little short patience because I was in pain I recently had a total hip Repacement but didn't expect such poor service. zgxd

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this sounds odd to me. your first sentence says "service the machine", and then you say she said you couldn't return it. did you ask to return it, or have it serviced?


I agree. Lowes' has the worst possible associates in its returns department.

They are all very grumpy and are least interested in helping the customers with any returns.

Even if you have the receipts and product codes in order they treat you like you are stealing something from them. I am never going to shop at Lowes again!!!!!!


Remaineded....HMMMM HR for a health company..would love to see the typos at that job. It was nice of you to imply that the woman didn't like your looks..are you sure of that? What if it was a case of halitosis instead?


Why would you not CALL first to find out before hauling it in, since you just had hip surgery, (of course Roxi was suppose to know that too). Did you have your reciept?

How many years ago it you buy it? Does Lowes look like a repair company?


You have no idea,



"or just didn't like the way I looked"...

She must have thought you looked like a dog with its butt shaved and trained to walk backwards.