Hudson, New York

I'm sure that Lowes "Brass" knows how valuable Jason was to the company, why he was recently fired is a SHOCK! I've been a long term customer who has spent well into the Hundreds of thousands of dollars in several Lowes stores including Danbury CT, Poughkeepsie NY and Hudson NY. There has been some hub bub as to why Jason was let go however in my eyes the reasons were bogus at best. Lowes has given up one of the Best ASM's since 1998 and I for one am very confused as to the reasoning behind letting such a good employee go... my only question is why Chris didn't stick up for him... he was there for Erik when he sold TONS of new appliances to an employee literally penny’s on the dollar.. So why not Jason Jackson!!!! I mean… after all Chris hired Jason… I must say… Chris… I’m going to start shopping at HomeDepot you ***!!!



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