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we bought an entire house of new windows from Lowe's in 2008. We paid a great deal of money for hurricane impact windows.

One of the picture windows has developed a crack. neither Lowes or jeld wen want to hear about it. We have gotten nothing but a run a round. They, however, are perfectly willing for us to buy replacement glass from them at our expense!!!

We have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes. The window replacement was just one project. They do not stand behind what they sell. They don't want to hear a word from you once they have your money.

Jeld wenn is exactly the same. Once they have your money you are history to them. Do yourself a favor and don't spend your money at Lowes. I have every piece of paper they gave me.

I have the stickers that you peel off of every window. Apparently they don't care. They seem to think that is all just so much paper. I am forwarding it all to my attorney.

When you buy from Lowes save every scrap of paper. They do not honor their warrantees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jeld Wen Window.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: replace my cracked window..

  • Lowes terrible customer service
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Clearly the glass didn't spontaneously break on its own. Glass does not do that.

Bad installation or impact most likely.

I'm sure Lowes would have preferred to never have sold to you in the first place (9 years after the sale and your whining. Puleeeeze).


You don't say exactly what it is that they haven't done for you that you think is covered by the warranty. Did you ever stop to think that it is you that doesn't understand what is covered by the warranty?

I don't think that if you really read what the warranty covers that you will find that it covers a crack in the glass of a 9 year old window. If it in fact did, you would have posted a copy of it to support your complaint.


It is hard to tell from the photo if there is a blind up close to the window or not. But just a thought, I have seen insulated windows especially on the south and west exposures of the hosue crack due to the sun heating up the window with a heavy blind close to it. The crack happens on the inside panel.


I don't think you understand what hurricane glass is. Hurricane glass is 2 panes of glass with a membrane laminated between them.

The glass itself can be broken but the membrane will stay intact protecting the interior of your home from damage by debris or water.

Yes, the glass may have been hit and cracked but it is still doing it's job and protecting your home. Be glad you don't have *** in your house and buy new glass.


I don't think YOU understand. Nothing hit the window.

Nothing at all. Not only is the crack in the inside pane, the window is in a room of the house we rarely use.

This is a crack that just appeared from what they are calling a stress crack. Seems to me a window that is supposed to withstand a 2x4 being hurled at it in hurricane force winds should not just crack.


Most window manufacturers will cover a stress crack under warranty for only 6 to 12 months. You are well beyond that.

Believe it or not the diamond ring a lot of women wear can be the windows worst enemy. A light scratch on the glass while cleaning the window or even walking past it can cause the glass to crack as temperatures change.

The glass will not stop a 2x4 being hurled by a hurricane and will break when the 2x4 hits it. The membrane laminated between the outer panes will stay intact and stop the 2x4


you sound like you work for lowes


No, I don't work for Lowes but have sold various brands of windows for over 25 years and know enough about windows that if you tried to take Lowes or Jeld-wen to court you wouldn't win. You just don't have a valid complaint.


First of all there is no blind, no diamond, no nothing near the glass. Secondly I know it won't stop a 2x4...and the laminate is what holds it together, but by the same token the glass should not just crack...I don't care how many years we are talking about.

This house has sat in the same spot for 33 years. there is nothing left to settle. I don't even care all that much if I win. I simply despise companies that promise the moon when you are buying and then have all kinds of excuses when you call them on their warrantee.

It will cost them more to defend then it will cost me to file. The reason we found the crack was because I was showing a brother in law the window as he wanted an entire house new window . He won't be buying from Jeld Wen or Lowe's now. neither could even give the courtesy of having someone come look at it....Lowes had trouble even making a phone call.

We just went elsewhere today to retile two rooms with porcelain tile...won't be Lowe's. We also plan on replacing every door in the house this year...including double front doors, and two pocket hollow...good stuff. Won't be Lowes. So spin your salesman talk.

No loss to me. When I replace the glass...huge window..will not be Jeld wen or Lowes. We spent thousands every year at Lowes...between our place in NY and in Florida. Never again.

We are also a family of 10 and a family of 5 melded with many many branches. So sad...too bad.


Yes a window can crack for NO reason. I had one in the upstairs bathroom just brake in the Middle of the inside pane not the outer pane for no reason. IT surely isn't stress related being in the middle My son found it after getting in the shower only to find glass in the tub.