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This is the second incident with our local Lowes in PA. This time it concerned two inside doors and two storm doors.

It took close to five weeks for delivery because they were a special order. When the doors arrived at Lowes we had to delay installation for two weeks because of a sewer pipe out front. When the new date arrived for the doors to be installed, the installers found the dimensions to be all wrong, in both height and width. At first I thought it was the sales person, then the door manufacturer.

How can dimensions be that far off? The doors are costing over $4,000 and yet no one could had checked the measurements of the doors in the two week prior to our install date while they sat in the warehouse? No one from Lowes has called us with an explanation.

The only person that apologized was the installer? Not sure who is the culprit here, but we are about done with Lowes for good.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Lack of response, Wrong products, Time frame.

  • Lowes Bad SERVICE
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At the end of this deal... no one from either Lowes or the Door Installers did a follow-up call.

The door installers did a great job except for a molding stripe they cut off to much, then replaced it with molding that did not even come close to the original shape and took take one guy two days to cut a five or six inch molding strip. was this a new guy?

After this... neither Lowes or the business that installed the doors will be ever used again for home installation at our house.


This is the second time we were to have our doors installed, four weeks later than agreed on, and no one has shown up at our 9:00 am appointment. No phone call, no nothing.

We will never pay through a credit card again, nor will we pay in full. Lowes never called to apologized either.