Company=Manufacture keeps changing the name of this flooring to fool the consumer.. AND LOWES =Home improvement???

sells a ton of it(((because it cost pennies per sq foot))) and LOWES= knows what this product does.REPS sent out always blames the home for temp change and moisture for the flooring buckling,warping lifting,separating ETC.. I've been installing ALL types of flooring(over 37 years) and NEVER came across such an awful product as this..

And the home owners and installers are paying the price because it HAS TO be REMOVED because of all the damage it causes... BUYER and installers BEWARE of this type of flooring

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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educate yourself dude, wood floors dont warp, buckle, lift by themselves, it only takes a small amount of moisture to cause this. live on!!!!

@leave it

Ya but your not smart.. and you know nothing about flooring little missy :grin

@leave it

Ya,there is never temp change or moisture in a home... So what your saying is this is a good product..??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tell that to the thousands of Contractors that dont buy this pressed sawdust vinyl coated flooring.. What are you 5 yrs old?????????

YOU EDUCATE yourself,, SISTER!!!! LIVE ON ,,Fonsey Tell, Richy Cunninham hello :upset :upset :upset


What type of flooring is it and what Manufacturer and brand name?

I would not buy it if I knew what it was.


:cry Is it one type of flooring? One manufacturer/brand?

Has there been water on the flooring? Was it tile? Real stone? Instead of bashing Lowe's for some product sold, why not name the real culprit :eek, who makes the product and what is its name?

I just might want to buy product from Lowe's, but I really don't to buy cra*.

Name the guilty. :sigh


If you put in Trafficmaster Surface or Project Source junk flooring.. Then this pissed consumer post shows up...What do you think your reading about????

HOW TO BAKE AN APPLE PIE????????? I think you knew EXACTLY what ***,JUNK GARBAGE,BOGUS PRODUCT im talking about..And ANY HOME IMPROVEMENT(??????????????????)HAHAHA store should be ashamed to sell such ***.. Its not just the Manufacturer fault..

Its just like selling a pile of *** and telling the buyer it's a BabeRuth candy bar and it taste great.. :upset :upset :upset