Farmington, Michigan
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We have one and less than 2 years all mechanical parts had to be replaced. They are now replaced and if is worse than before.

Constantly goes out of balance makes a grinding noise when attempting spin cycle. first service call after seeing oil on floor over $500 in repairs complained to whirlpool they sold me a 1 year extended. We had it "fixed????" and started making grinding noise and out of balance which didn't happen before "repair???". Couple more service calls and all parts plus suspension replaced.

Now it won't even go into spin cycle just makes grinding noise. So far we have had all mechanical parts replaced twice and still not right.

Repair guy coming next week to replace gear box. When this doesn't work I am going to try to get pro rated refund to get another machine will have to wait on that.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It sounds like you have a complaint about some type of whirlpool product that you had problems with after the warranty expired. Why aren't you complaining about it on Whirlpool's site?