Customer service boasted by this box store and for the most part it's just a front. How can a large store like Lowe's provide the customer service it boast if they staff a store that requires 220 employees with half that.

They staff with part-timers mostly. Most of the employees don't know anything about the products Lowe's sells, some do, but most don't, they just tell the customer the same thing they can read from the product labeling.

For Delivery, well, customers need to understand that some Store Managers don't know anything about delivery, they open up the board on a high volume store and over work the drivers they have and then gripe about the Overtime. They advertise Next Day Delivery, but the high volume stores do not have the resources or manpower to keep up with it.

Only a fool will open a delivery board to full status and not have the resources or personnel to provide the service they advertise. So don't take your frustrations on the Department manager of Delivery, he or she is doing what they can to get the deliveries out especially since the CDL drivers can only drive 12 hours a day, by DOT regulations. The Dept.

Mgrs are overloaded with work that ASM's should be doing plus answering phones from people who think the world revolves around them, like they are the only ones Lowe's delivers to. So next time you have a delivery scheduled, be patient and be home, sometimes they won't come back if you're not home when they call and come to your place.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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