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I could never think that something like this can happen or even existed. In the end of November 2014 I was looking for new refrigerator, washer, drier, electric range and over the range microwave. Black Friday Sale was still in effect and I decided to take advantage of it. Since Home Depot stated that they will not have the range and microwave available until February 7th 2015 I decided to try Lowes.

December 1st :

After explaining my situation Lowes representative assured that they have all appliances available in the warehouse and that everything is going to be available for delivery on December 15th. Right after that the rep. stated that the washer and drier were replaced with new models and the new models are not on sale. After the second rep. came over they said that the washer and drier in question are not discontinued. They made a mistake. I requested to have all appliances delivered on January 10th, since I was still working on my kitchen. I was assured that I will receive a phone call on December 15th and decide whether I’d like the appliances to be delivered earlier. When all was said and done the representative asked me to swipe my card and sign. I noticed that my total was $2000 off (not in my advantage), so I pointed it out. Lowes rep. apologized and took the discount off.

December 3rd:

I get a phone call from Lowes. Same Lowes representative calls me and states that the range and microwave are not available. When I asked when it will be available the rep. could not give me an answer saying it can be from 1 day to years, and that he simply doesn’t know. Rep tried to sell me other appliances that were not on sale or the once that didn’t match the rest of appliances. So I ordered it from another store.

December 15th and all time in between: Not a single phone call about delivery or an update on status.

January 9th: I receive a phone call from Lowes with rep. stating that there was a mix up in a system and that my appliances will be delivered on January 11th.

Between January 9th and 10 received 5 phone calls automated and not about delivery on January 11th between hours of 9am and 11am.

January 11th: 9:00am I receive a phone call and the representative states that the truck left the store and my appliances are not on the truck and the only way I can get them is if I cancel my existing order and purchase everything again (with same discount). At this point I got into a car and drove to the store where 2 hours later the manager assured me that the appliances will be delivered the next day January 12th at 7pm. All I had to do is to cancel my current order and reorder it again. I did all that. Also, once again, I had to cancel all of my plans and stay extra day in the apartment.

January 12th:

8:00 the driver calls me that he is lost and he needs directions that I provide to him.

Upon delivery of the appliances delivery men asked me to inspect the appliances before they bring them in. It was dark out and raining in mid-40 degrees. I noticed that the refrigerator is damaged from the back with a dent in the control panel cover. Since I waited for 6 weeks to get these appliances and the delivery guy assured that I can return it within 30 days I opted to describe the damage on the delivery paper work, both of us sign it and at least try how it will look in my kitchen.

January 19th:

11:00 am. After I got back from vacation, I went to Lowes of Commack where I purchased all of the appliances and requested for the appliances to be picked up as the fridge is damaged and I’m not willing to wait again. The rep. stated that there is no problem with that. He confirmed the address with me which for some reason now was my old address. The interesting part is that I never had anything delivered to that address by Lowes. I corrected the address and the rep assured that I will get a phone call and have the pick-up confirmed.


I get an automated phone call from Delivery Company stating that they will pick up the appliances from an old address (wrong address). I call the delivery company and make sure that they have the correct address.

January 20th:

11:00 am I get a confirmation call about pick up of the appliances between 7-9:00pm. I again confirmed the correct address and was assured that it is in fact new updated address.

8:30pm My mother calls me and says that the delivery company is there to pick up my appliances, 45 miles away from where I live.

I have no words to describe how angry/disappointed/depressed all this makes me. I missed 2 days of work had to leave/go late to work on few occasions and I still have 1 damaged fridge and wrong size washer and drier.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lowes Cons: Lack of response, Poor customer service, Customer service received, Attitude or customer service, Service.

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